10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Good morning.

1. Iron ore! It’s not just up, it’s up 5.9% – the largest in percentage terms since October 8, 2012. The spot price is now 14.8% above the all-time contract low of $47.08 struck on April 2 this year. But it’s still too early to get excited.

2. The parity party with the Kiwi has been postponed with the Aussie dollar up 0.65% to 0.7757 while the Kiwi is down marginally for a loss of 0.07% at 0.7667. That leaves the AUDNZD at 1.0116. It’s been close over the past 24 hours – but no cigar just yet. On the data front today, the quarterly NAB Business Survey is due and it will be interesting to note any difference between the monthly and quarterly surveys. Elsewhere it’s ‘flash’ PMI day for China and around the world. Tonight we have a jobless claims in the US and UK retail sales.

3. In Asia today, the big news is still the remarkable rally in Asian stocks. The Shanghai exchange remains buoyant but yesterday’s 15-year milestone of the Nikkei above 20,000 for the first time in this period shows it’s possible for a disconnect between the economy and markets to persist far beyond what would appear to be a natural period of time. It doesn’t mean it won’t end badly but our Greg McKenna reckons traders who short it do so at their peril.

4. Lamborghini is going gangbusters Down Under. But it’s not wealthy Aussies in midlife crisis mode buying supercars – it’s Chinese rich-listers. Andrea Baldi, general manager of the Italian sports car maker in China, said Australia’s four Lamborghini dealers have already sold 30 cars in the first three months of the year, up 26 on the same period last year. Some might say it coincides with a sudden urge in China to not want to attract the attention of anti-corruption officials…

5. Oh, Belle. Melbourne’s “wellness” blogger Belle Gibson finally admitted she never had malignant brain cancer and therefore, never healed herself with wholefoods and alternative therapies. Gibson says she doesn’t understand why she lies, but the message here, folks, is cure yourself with a doctor, not Facebook.

6. The Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, now has his Australian knighthood from PM Tony Abbott. Here he is receiving it from his wife, both looking like they’re trying their hardest to give a toss for the honour bestowed upon them via Alexander Downer.

7. Australia’s perky CFOs. They’re still a little weighed down by Joe Hockey’s last budget, but a quarterly survey by Deloitte shows some cautious optimism creeping into our CFOs. Some 21% have a more positive attitude about the prospects of their companies than three months ago and are more prepared to take on financial risk. Has a tipping point been reached?

8. The best resumé right now. Nina Mufleh, a transplant from the Middle East who’s been living in San Francisco for a year, really wants to work for Airbnb. After failing to get a foot in the door through traditional means, she took a long, hard look at what she could do for Airbnb, and rewrote her resumé accordingly. Here’s an example:

Check out the rest here. It’s very impressive, probably easier to do than you thought… and it worked.

9. Robbery is wrong, hmmkay? But heists have an undeniably cool factor about them, especially if it’s only wallets that are getting hurt. And even more so if they look ripped straight from the plot of your favourite movie where everyone wears beanies and says “guv’nor” a lot. Up to seven of them dropped into an elevator shaft in London and ripped $400 million in gold, jewels, and diamonds from an underground safe deposit over Easter. London’s metro police just released some more amazing images of the carnage left behind and you can see them here.

10. The 70 coolest new buildings in the world. Website Architizer just handed out its Annual A+ Awards, voted on by architecture fans and experts. Here’s the 70 winners, all of them stunning.

BONUS ITEM: The way Robert Downey Jnr handles questions he doesn’t want to answer:

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