10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Daniel Craig playing James Bond. Photo: Getty.

Four sleeps to go.

1. Hello ugly. US pessimism over the Fed hike is a little… pessimistic. There’s even talk of a recession, but when history says stocks swoon after a hike and BoAML starts throwing around terms like “bond carnage”, it obviously makes Santa’s job bringing a late rally this week a lot harder. ASX futures indicate a loss of around 0.8% when the market opens today, but iron ore bounced back Friday and BHP was up 2.5% in London trade, so don’t give the kids the bad news about their pressies just yet.

2. This may be Bond’s greatest infiltration yet. “He did it for s..ts and grins,” is the word from one insider who says that despite his public denials, Daniel Craig is not only a Stormtrooper aboard Starkiller Base in “The Force Awakens”, but one in a key role. So if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you might not want to read this and find out where he was. If you have seen the movie, congratulations – you’re part of history’s biggest box office hit.

3. A big year for tech. So big it was the first time the top three largest companies in the world were all technology firms. Here’s the past 10 years according to Goldman Sachs:

Better – in the same huge note, GS also released its end-of-year financial crossword, so get cracking…

4. GS also released some charts about kids. Namely, charts which show why you shouldn’t have them if you’re the kind of cold, loveless Death Eater who thinks cash is more important.

5. Back to tech and rumours are swirling about the other two biggest releases in the new year. Early on, you can expect a new Galaxy phone. We already know Samsung’s S7 will be one of the best high-end Android phones on the market, but here’s a few other new features we think will be coming. And Microsoft got back on track with Windows 10, which came closer than any other operating system to a workable PC/tablet marriage, but there’s a few bugs to be ironed out. Those fixes will hopefully be coming in the “Redstone” update.

6. Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be captured and tortured? No doubt there’s a management training course ready to take your money for that, but it’s far less messy just reading about it. So here’s an excerpt from “The Making of a Navy SEAL,” by retired Navy SEAL Brandon Webb who attended the school that prepares America’s elite soldiers to survive months of bad music and living in a square-metre concrete box with just a coffee can for a toilet.

7. Landslide. 59 people are missing after a particularly devastating one took out 30 buildings in China overnight. More than 1500 workers are at the site where some 10 hectares were buried.

8. Kelly’s wave. About a decade ago, Kelly Slater casually tossed up the idea he was working on the most incredible man-made wave that ever barrelled. A couple of days ago, he dropped this video on YouTube:

Its location is top secret, but its existence is very interesting to Aussie Greg Webber, who beat Slater to the patent way back then, and is laughably cool about any talk he might have been gazumped by the greatest boardrider of all time.

9. Pretty fly for a white guy. Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has snapped up a $5 million beachside holiday home in Sydney’s Palm Beach just ahead of Christmas, and it’s snazzy. Here’s a bunch of pics of where the one of Australia’s highest paid bosses will spend his Christmas hols, including a shot of his clifftop swimming pool overlooking Whale Beach.

10. Worst Christmas. Spare a thought for the Victorians who lost their homes to bushfire this past weekend. Thankfully, it looks like conditions have eased for the rest of the week, but there’s still 300 fires to put out. Here’s some incredible pics of the 4500ha fire at Scotsburn from the weekend, where 12 homes were destroyed.

BONUS ITEM: Little Belle’s angry note for her parents after they told her Santa wasn’t real:

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