10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

What happens next? Picture: RT/YouTube

Good morning.

1. There’s some tension evident. Turkey shot down a Russian jet that it claims violated its airspace and it was, as expected, caught on camera:

Then a Turkmen rebel brigade in Syria said it shot dead the pilots attempting to parachute to safety. So Russian president Vladimir Putin saved his best unimpressed stare for an address in which he called it a “stab in the back”, adding:

“Today‚Äôs tragic event will have serious consequences for Russian-Turkish relations.”

Nobody’s really sure what’s going to happen next, because it is now the most complicated situation in the world. But we do know that if Russia decides to mess with Turkey, here’s what it will be up against.

2. Anyhoo, we figure right about now is a good time to brush up on how to trade a geopolitical shock.

3. Last night, Glenn Stevens gave a great economic speech where he got stuck into financial market traders and economists hanging too closely on central bank forecasts. It was fascinating and the highlights were many. Here’s why you can ignore all of it.

4. Yee-ha. Jeff Bezos’s rocket launched, and made it to real space (100km). Then came this beautiful moment as it worked its way back down to its launch site in West Texas:

That no doubt made Elon Musk’s eye twitch a little, because his SpaceX orbital craft haven’t managed to land safely yet. But it’s important to note that Musk is trying to put rockets into orbit before bringing them back, while Bezos has his eye on getting tourists into the bit where they float around after paying him quarter of a million dollars. Here’s Musk, clarifying:

Or, put it this way, that’s Elon saying his is 100 times bigger than Jeff’s.

5. All the reasons the Aussie dollar is absolutely, definitely heading down:

  • US dollar strength
  • Weakness in commodity prices
  • RBA governor Stevens hinting at a rate cut, and
  • Russian fighters getting shot down

But at 0.7240, the battler is opening today at its strongest level since late October. In fact, it’s the strongest open in a month in Asia. Huh. Here’s why, according to Greg McKenna.

6. There were five massive cruise ships in Sydney Harbour this morning, and it was spectacular:

P&O brought its entire fleet to town to show off its new arrivals, the 55,820-tonne Pacific Aria and Pacific Eden. Cruising is now worth $3.2 billion annually in Australia. The industry hit 1 million passengers for the first time last season, six years ahead of expectations and has grown a staggering 20% for the past 12 years. We have some great pics of the morning here.

7. One month to Christmas and here come the gift guides. There’s no better way to show you care for someone than taking 20 seconds out from your work day to click on a recommendation from a complete stranger. Here’s 21 awesome gifts for the Game of Thrones fan in your family.

8. Here’s the UBS chart that puts Sydney real estate in the world’s top three housing bubbles. While there’s still daylight between it and the top two, Hong Kong and London, UBS list Sydney as vulnerable to “sharp corrections”.

9. God it’s hard to get people to do what you want these days. Everyone’s so… smart. But there’s still at least these 11 incredible psychological tricks they might fall for if you want to feel more powerful in your everyday interactions, including this pearl:

10. Ever wondered how balloons were made? We didn’t either, but now we know, we can’t stop watching it.

BONUS ITEM: This awesomely-haired 7-year-old battling hiccups while smashing out the world’s greatest national anthem.

Have a great day.

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