10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Not booming, but not busting either. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning. Here’s what you’ve missed already.

1. Sydney property prices are ridiculous, growing at an unsustainable 20% annually in some places. You should already know that, but if you don’t, look at the blue line:

But the red line says something equally interesting – buyers aren’t idiots, either. They’re well aware prices are nuts, and here’s why Credit Suisse thinks that’s important to anyone watching the market through a tiny crack in the fingers over their eyes.

2. It wasn’t a great night if you’re into energy stocks. Oil got clobbered, gas is off and the Canadian dollar fell. Elsewhere, it was quiet, but futures traders on the ASX this morning have the market pointing to a fall of around 0.5% with the December SPI off 26 points. Iron ore is still falling.

3. The Aussie also started to fall late yesterday after the Chinese market went into an aggressive reverse, but the price has stabilised just above 72 cents. Datawise, we get the results of the quarterly NAB Business survey (the bigger one with more respondents) at 11.30am AEDT.

4. Dogs. We think they originated as wolves from around Mongolia about 15,000 years ago. But let’s be honest, we’ve bred them into some hideous shapes compared to their original form. In China, they’ve gone a different route – editing a dog’s DNA to cut out a gene for the muscle-limiting protein myostatin. And the result? Super beagles twice as muscly as regular beagles! Here’s why they’re doing it and here it is naturally occurring in a whippet:

5. The future of tech and media is all here in this epic slide deck. And we’re not kidding when we say “epic”. Top business strategist Michael Wolf – the man who brought Marissa Mayer in as Yahoo’s CEO – put this monolithic presentation together for The Wall Street Journal’s conference. It’s got the lot – from how messaging will overtake social networking, to when we’ll finally cut all the cords. Settle in.

6. All the end of days stuff. Westpac says these six events in Q4 are loaded with “highly consequential” global market risk. And Bob Bryan reckons the end of the economic world has begun. But neither will count for anything if scientists are right when they say there’s a 99.9% chance of a powerful earthquake slamming Los Angeles before 2018.

7. The Orionids are back. Star nerds will know that’s the name for the time each year when the Earth passes through the tail of Halley’s Comet, causing bits in it to burn up for a spectacular celestial show. It’s been visible for a couple of days now, but according to Astroblogger:

“…the best viewing is the morning of the 23rd, when between 3-5 am under dark skies you should see about a meteor every 3-5 minutes.”

So grab your thermos and set the alarm clock. While you’re waiting, check out this largest astronomy image of all time and the amazing thing it reveals.

We all love a bubbly. Picture: Getty Images

8. Aussies are turning away from their local bubblies. We’re among the world’s best at guzzling it, but lately we’ve shown a preference for French champagne, cheap Italian prosecco and Kiwi swill. Here’s Wine Intelligence’s chart on our most beloved sparkling brands right now.

9. Get rich in under an hour. Here’s 13 ways you can improve your finances immediately – and all of them take less than an hour. And here’s a simple change you should make in a phrase you probably say all the time – “I can’t afford it” – which could change your life.

10. Fugitive Mexican drug lord “El Chapo” is still on the run. Sort of. Mexican officials just admitted they had him on the edge of cliff south of his home town. But they chased him off it… and he disappeared. But officials know enough to say they’re sure he broke his leg, and that can only help them bring Shorty Guzman to justice, again.

BONUS ITEM: Nike delivered, on Back to the Future Day. Here’s Michael J Fox trying on the first real pair of self-lacing Nike Mags, available soon.

Have a great day.

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