10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Yep, it’s time to get out. Picture: USGS

Good morning.

1. The Kilauea volcano in Hawaii has erupted, sending an ash plume almost 10km into the sky. The “explosive eruption” has covered the island with a dangerous ash plume forcing authorities to urge people to take shelter. The volcano has been very active for about a week, spewing ash as well as lava and molten rock from its fissures. It has caused earthquakes, shot out “ballistic blocks”, and destroyed at least 30 buildings over the weekend, forcing 1,700 residents to evacuate.

2. The Australian dollar remained in familiar ranges on Thursday, giving back early gains against the greenback to close the session slightly lower. However, it put in a stronger performance against the crosses. At 7am AEST, it sat at 0.7509.

Investing.comAUD/USD Hourly Chart

There’s little in the way of major economic data to dictate direction today, likely ensuring that sentiment and technicals will drive market movements.

3. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has backed new rules to the end the dual citizenship saga. A new disclosure regime will mitigate the effect of section 44 by forcing all candidates to publicly declare their family history when they nominate to contest an election — as well as any relevant financial information that could disqualify them under the law. The new rules will be in place before the five upcoming by-elections. The SMH has more here.

4. Immigration authorities appear to be “fast-tracking” bids for asylum by overseas athletes and sports officials after the Commonwealth Games, a refugee lawyer told the ABC. The athletes who disappeared from the Games village on the Gold Coast last month had until midnight on Tuesday to apply for asylum, or risk deportation. Home affairs minister Peter Dutton said the athletes would “generally be put onto a bridging visa until their claim can be assessed… [but] if they’re found not to be owed protection, they’re on a plane out of here”.

5. What was he thinking? A passenger has tried to rip a plane door open after missing his flight in Melbourne. The man ran across the tarmac, fought with staff and tried to force open the door of a Jetstar plane after missing his 9.30am flight to Adelaide. And it turns out, it wasn’t even the right flight. The plane he tried to board was headed to Sydney. The passenger has since been banned from all Qantas and Jetstar flights pending further investigations.

6. China is drowning in cheap Penfolds wine as international consumers shun the brand’s entry level wines such as Rawson’s Retreat, preferring the more expensive labels in the range. The company’s share price plummeted more than 11% yesterday after it was revealed that Chinese distributors claimed to have up to 800,000 cases of cheap Treasury Wine Estates products sitting unsold in warehouses. The company says it’s having importing delays following changes to Chinese customs law but is “comfortable with the sustainability of its operating model in China”.

7. Forty kilometres. That’s how far you have to go from Sydney before you’ll find a house under $500,000. For those on a limited budget looking to buy out, not up, this table from CoreLogic tells you how close to a capital city you’ll be able to buy if you have $500,000 to play with.


8. “Brieing.” Apparently it’s how the posh middle-class consume MDMA these days, and they even hold “brieing” parties where the host and guests take MDMA – the most common ingredient in ecstasy pills – wrapped in cheese. One woman even said it is “such a middle class way to take drugs”. OK.

9. Not happy, Jan. A man at a pub in Brisbane has been issued with an infringement notice for failing to leave a licensed premise after he blew up at bar staff because the Prime Minister got served before him. Turnbull was at the Carindale Hotel in Brisbane on Thursday night for an event. The man, who police say was fairly intoxicated, was escorted from the venue and was “fairly apologetic once he realised what he was doing”.

10. And people say AI won’t take over… Check this out.

Have a great day.

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