10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

A typical day at the tennis, circa 2025. Picture: Getty Images

Friday! Stay sunsafe.

1. Bond yields are up, with benchmark US 10-year treasuries just shy of the March 2017 high of 2.63%, as the tone on global growth stays positive, buoyed by solid Q4 GDP figures out of China. But the US dollar refuses to budge until there’s firms news on when, or if, a US government shutdown comes. The Aussie climbed back above US80 cents overnight, in the wake of the December jobs report which once again beat expectations. And despite the soft lead from global stocks, ASX Futures traders expect a solid opening today.

2. Good: There’s a tennis player named Tennys at the Australian Open. Better: He’s from Tennessee.

Best: He knocked out world number nine Stan Wawrinka in straight sets. In other tennis news, Australian cricketer Ashleigh Barty made it through to the third round, and it will be, uh, 42C in Melbourne today. It’s possible play could even be abandoned.

3. And it could hit 41C in Adelaide, and 38C in Canberra. So we’re well on track for another record-busting, blistering year. NASA scientists just released data which shows 2017 was the second hottest year on record, just pipped by 2016. (We’re cooling down!) The five hottest years on record have all occurred since 2010.

4. Ye olde worlde cash experts really need to walk away from trying to figure out bitcoin. It’s back to around the $US12,000 level after threatening to break below $US9,000 less than 48 hours ago. We pulled together what 12 major analysts from banks like Goldman, JPMorgan, and Morgan Stanley think of bitcoin and one “very bearish” outlook pinned it at $US1,780. That is impossible to take seriously when you consider what they might have said a year ago when BTC was struggling to break $US1,000. If you’re going to trade crypto, you need to find a whole other set of analysts, like Tom Lee, who understand that “what happens in years in equity markets is months in the crypto world”. Here’s why he’s saying the “bloodbath” simply opened up “the biggest buying opportunity in 2018”:

5. A new Cold War? Under Barack Obama, the US focused on defeating insurgencies. While that was going on, China built huge aircraft carriers, islands, and hypersonic “carrier killer” missiles. Russia basically took over the Arctic, and upgraded nearly every facet of its defence force specifically to counter US weapons. So when President Trump releases his new first new National Security Strategy tonight, he will reportedly call on the US to focus on Russia and China as main adversaries once again, and to prepare for a great power war.

6. The Prince is bald. Long live the Prince:

Finally, and a good move, too. Here’s a look back at the long road to acceptance.

7. The concepts are, like all concepts, hilariously rubbish, but the technology behind BMW’s iNext electric car is real. It’s just announced an iNext to hit the streets in 2021 that will be autonomous and have a range of 700km. That’s twice the range of Tesla’s Model 3.

8. Surf lifesavers at Lennox Head, near Byron Bay, gathered on the beach yesterday for a training session involving the “Little Ripper drone”. Which was great, because at the same time, a couple of teenage boys got into trouble in heavy surf about 1km outside the flags. And the world’s first drone surf rescue was completed successfully:

9. Amazon has narrowed its search for a second HQ in the US down to 20 cities. There’s a great chance it will go to Washington DC, mainly due to the fact Jeff Bezos has this stunning $US23 million mansion there. And here’s why the bidding for the HQ and 50,000 jobs has been so fierce – the perks are amazing. Think health insurance, 20 weeks paid leave, 95% tuition costs, and dogs. So. Many. Doggos.

10. We need to talk about the Turpins, so let’s send our love and hope for as close to a return to a good life as possible for those 13 poor kids who ate just once a day and showered twice a year, and a long, long stint in a badly underpoliced jail for their parents. That’ll do, for now. Then, because it’s Friday, move on to this English Premier League manager who may or may not eat worms.

BONUS ITEM: He only sucked on them:

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