10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

No top chums for you, kid. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. The US president spoke to the UN general assembly for the first time and said if North Korea continued its provocations, the US would “have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea”. He also took a clear shot at China for being North Korea’s largest trading partner by far, and used the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism”. His chief of staff John Kelly took that moment to give his temples a quick rub:

Elsewhere, Trump’s defence secretary Jim Mattis mentioned “kinetic” military options might be on the table for dealing with North Korea.

2. Another night, another set of record highs on US markets ahead of the US Federal Reserve’s policy announcement later tonight. The Aussie hit back above US80 cents this morning, but iron ore is getting pulverised. ASX200 SPI Futures traders don’t seem too fazed though, and have marked the index up for the open. And Ray Dalio jumped on the “Bitcoin is a bubble” bandwagon as the cryptocurrency dipped back below $US4,000.

3. In Canberra, an 18-year-old told Facebook it was “OK to vote no”. The teen, “Madeline”, was then fired from her job at a kids’ parties business after her boss, Madlin Sims, labelled it as “hate speech”. Here’s the post from Sims that lit Australia up this morning:

4. Apple released iOS 11 into the wild just in time for the rollout of all the new iPhones, and it has some nifty new tricks. Here’s how to download it, and here are the 17 biggest ways your current iPhone will change when you update it – unless it’s older than an iPhone 6, in which case, don’t even try.

5. Steve Kovach has had both the iPhone 8s long enough for a proper review of the poor man’s X. He says they’re incredible and will be the best phones on the market from Friday until November. Which leads him to ask – what’s the point of the iPhone 8? Well, it’s cheaper, for a start. But wait, wait – Tim Cook just went on Good Morning America to spruik the $1500 minimum tag on the iPhone 10 as “a value price, actually”.

6. And here come the Google Pixel 2 leaks:

Picture: Supplied

The red button is causing some excitement, but you’ll also be looking skyward of $1400 if you’re interested in the 128GB version of the Pixel 2 XL. The cheapest update option will be the 64GB Pixel 2, and it will still be around the $1000 mark. Here’s everything we know right now about the phones, ahead of the launch event on October 4.

7. In the case of people flushing 500-euro bills down restaurant toilets in Geneva, Switzerland, the tally is up to around $150,000 worth. Police say two Spanish citizens are responsible, and the behaviour is “weird, but not criminal”. And there’s even a logical reason for it, maybe.

8. In disasters today, Catastrophic Category 5 Hurricane Maria is headed for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands – again. Dominica’s president even had his roof ripped off:

And Mexico was hit this morning by a huge 7.1 magnitude earthquake. Damage reports are only just coming in, along with some extraordinary images on social media.

9. Prince George has been at school for nearly two weeks now and still doesn’t have a BFF. That’s because best friends are banned at his school, Thomas’s Battersea, in case some feelings are hurt. You’re not even allowed to hold a birthday party unless you invite all the brats in the class. And the trend is spreading across the UK, and of course, Canada.

10. Pay $319 for Google’s Nest Cam Indoor home security camera, and even with the $14 per month subscription fee, moments like this could see it pay for itself:

Unless you’re relying on the NBN to keep it rolling 24/7 while you’re away on holidays like Tony Yoo was. Hello, darkness.

Have a great day.

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