10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. Want to fly on the best airline in the world? Then – once again – fly Qatar Airways. It’s topped the annual Skytrax World Airline Awards at the 2017 Paris Air Show. Here’s what business class looks like. But here’s the big news – Qantas tumbled from 9th to 15th and was leapfrogged on the way down by Virgin Australia, up from 18th into 13th place.

2. How big is everyone else’s mortgage? The Commonwealth Bank has the answer you seek, nosey peeps. And how much their houses are in other capital cities, and how much they’re borrowing, and what percentage of their disposable income goes towards their mortgage. And as it turns out, Sydney isn’t the most expensive.

3. Steve Bannon told The Atlantic why the press had rarely seen White House secretary Sean Spicer in the past couple of weeks. “Sean got fatter,” he said. That could be the greatest offhand joke of the year, because the number of media outlets running it today as news runs into the tens of thousands. There’s only one way to solve this – Spicer in February left, Spicer today right:

Nope. Bannon for the troll win.

4. Markets are unconvinced about oil, because while OPEC cuts, Libya and Nigeria up production. BAML reckons it’s trending towards $US30 a barrel. That’s dragged on US stocks, especially the S&P500, which had its biggest daily decline in more than a month. And that makes for a rough day ahead for the ASX after the banks dragged it down yesterday. ASX200 SPI futures are well down, the Aussie dollar is still finding resistance above US76 cents, and iron ore’s winning streak is under threat.

5. This could be the start of something:

The US President tweeted that a day after American student, Otto Warmbier, died in the US after being released from North Korean custody. The 22-year-old was sentenced to 15 years hard labour in January last year for trying to steal a banner, then slipped into a coma for a year. North Korea said it was due to “botulism”; US doctors say brain tissue loss was most likely caused by “an extended period of oxygen deprivation”.

6. Apple recently showcased new developer software ARKit. It’s how Apple hopes to lead the world in augmented reality apps for its mobile devices. And UBS analyst Steven Milunovich thinks we could start seeing 3D images on our coffee tables and telly on any wall as soon as two years from now. Here are Milunovich’s 10 examples of where Apple’s AR technology could take the iPhone in the future.

7. Theresa May vowed the UK would not leave the EU without a fair deal. Threatened, actually:

Half a day into talks, EUs chief negotiator Michel Barnier reports that the UK has capitulated to their original demands for a “divorce settlement”, rights of current EU nationals in the UK, and the Northern Irish border. That’s even before the trade talks can begin.

8. Daniel Day-Lewis has announced his retirement from acting. The three-time Best Actor Oscar winner will appear in Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Phantom Thread” later this year and it will be his last film. His spokesperson said Lewis will not “make any further comment on this subject”. Huh.

9. Are you Team Spaces or Team tabs? In HBO’s comedy Silicon Valley, Richard Hendricks broke up with his engineer girlfriend because she uses spaces and he’s a tabs guy. But in real life, he’d be the biggest loser, because an analysis done by Stack Overflow has just revealed developers who use tabs get paid less than those who use spaces.

10. Ticks are awful at the best of times. But there’s one invading the east coast of the US that, 12 hours after it bites you, makes you allergic to meat. Pure evil.

BONUS ITEM: Sumo bots…fight! Really, freakily, fast:

Have a great week.

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