10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. “People” are talking about an impeachment after a New York Times report which claimed US President Donald Trump asked FBI director James Comey to drop the bureau’s investigation into “good guy” Michael Flynn. Here’s how that would play out. Other people are saying the Republican wall around the president is “starting to crack”, but Josh Barro reckons there’s no good way the GOP can rid itself of Trump. Trump, meanwhile, told Coast Guard graduates that no politician in history “has been treated worse or more unfairly” than he has.

2. To markets , and all the safe havens came alive – the yen, gold and US treasuries all moved more than 2% overnight. US stocks had their worst day in eight months, and we’ve got more about the VIX and the Trump Effect below. In Australia, the ABS releases April employment data today, so here’s your 10-second guide. SPI Futures for June crumbled to be 67 points down, but iron ore is rallying again and the Aussie dollar was strong… against the greenback.

3. So US markets are waking from their slumber. The VIX barometer of nervousness spiked by 37%, the biggest intraday increase since September 9. Is Trump to blame? Pedro Nicolaci Da Costa thinks now we know what it takes for Wall Street to wake up to the Trump risk. But Bob Bryan has found 3 big reasons why Wall Street shouldn’t freak out too much about the Trump-Comey “bombshell”.

4. The city of Wellington in New Zealand is at the skinny end of its campaign to lure tech workers from around the world. With free flights and accommodation on offer, 48,000 people applied for 100 positions with various tech companies in the city. 97 ended up with the tickets – here’s where they’ll be coming from.

5. Mark Textor has returned, along with facts, and their habit of destroying lazy arguments. In his latest column, Textor hopes trainwreck interviews like that involving UK MP Diane Abbott last week are the beginning of the end of media circuses like QandA entertaining the awful habit of letting important people get away with saying what they “think” – instead of what actually is.

6. There’s an app for McDonald’s. You can order and pay for your meal online, customise it and find and choose the restaurant location you want to pick it up from. Look:


(Still no cure for cancer.)

7.Google’s annual developer conference is under way and sometimes is easy to forget that no company on the planet does both hardware and software anywhere near to the extent as the “search giant” does. This calls for a list:

8. You might have had one of those Monday mornings at work when you really regretted how you let loose at karaoke with your workmates on Friday night. Did you try to blame it on the booze? Then science has some bad news for you – there’s no such thing as a separate “drunk” personality. IT WAS ALL YOU.

9. Prince Philip has retired from public occasions. But if you’re worried about missing out on all those tactless, blue-blood imperialist gaffes about races, religion and poor people, don’t fret – Boris Johnson will be around for some time yet:

10The US military’s special ops is thinking it might be cool to develop super soldiers with performance-enhancing drugs. Sounds legit.

BONUS ITEM: We have a new Star Trek series. Here’s the trailer and the breakdown:

Have a great day.

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