10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. The federal government has decided it’s time to start investing in Australian tech companies. And while an aim of ensuring just 10% of its tech work goes to Australian companies sounds a bit mean, it’s $900 million worth of work. Which is quite an accelerator fund.

2. Markets. The G20 meeting on the weekend didn’t have much in it in terms of market moves, so we’ll wait for US President Trump’s meeting with Chinese Premier Li later this year for that kind of thing. Analysts are now split on their forecast on US 10-years. Data this week is light, apart from the guarantee of some good headlines tomorrow coming out of the ABS house prices release. The iron ore rally took a breather and the Aussie dollar is looking resilient.

3. Podcast! This week we’re talking about Young People and how they will ever be able to afford to buy a house. (In Sydney.) We’ve got Jordan Eliseo, chief economist at ABC Bullion, and a $50,000 piece of gold bullion, in for a discussion of Spaceship, the tech-focused super fund targeting millennials, and whether it’s a good idea to access super early for a deposit. Find it on iTunes or just listen in below:

Meanwhile, Paul Keating says the idea of using superannuation to tackle housing affordability is “scandalous”.

4. You’re not a tech company unless you’ve got a secret lab. Google has Google X. Apple has Project Titan. And Facebook has “Building 8”. All we know is there are four projects under way, and Facebook is constantly hiring to keep them moving. Here’s all we know about that.

5. Bluetooth, however, is old. It’s a technology that’s been around longer than Lorde. But the name Bluetooth is much older – about 1000 years, in fact. And this is the awesome story of viking king Harald and his blue tooth.

6. Chuck Berry finally died. Crime, drugs, prostitution, jail and decades of watching other people make money off hits which were far too hot for his time. Berry invented rock ‘n roll. Take a minute to thank an industry giant for that.

7. The US Democrats are convinced there are ties between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russian operatives. The Republicans are denying everything in the House Intelligence Committee investigation. And Trump’s son Eric gave one obvious reason why his father has no business ties with Russia.

“If we had projects in Russia, you’d have our name on those projects. We’re not exactly bashful about hiding our name.”

8. Want to sound like a wine expert? Take these simple tips from a head sommelier and impress your friends at your next fancy dinner. Then grab some Doritos on the way home and match them with a dry lambrusco. Yes, there are wines that go with chips – and Fruit Loops.

9. Well, the cricket was just horrible. India put the Aussies to the sword, declaring 162 runs ahead, then taking out David Warner and Nathan Lyon before stumps. But the cruellest moment came in the 140th over when umpire Chriss Gaffaney nearly gave Pujara out on 142:

But changed his mind probably due to Josh Hazelwood’s feeble appeal. Or because Pujara missed it by mile. He went on to make 202 from a mammoth 525 balls.

10. How to be a better boss in 6 seconds. That’s the six seconds of silence you give an employee after they tell you “Everything’s fine”. And make it extremely awkward for the best results.

BONUS ITEM: The nerdiest thing that was ever nerded:

Have a great week.

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