10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

The price of freedom. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning and hello, Friday.

1. In Davos, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and IBM Ceo Ginni Rometty led a conversation about where we should be taking AI. (Or where it’s taking us.) Lianna Brinded went to a party hosted by Matt Damon, who gave a surprisingly powerful speech. And UK PM Theresa May’s speech showed why she’s not the new Thatcher, she’s the new Blair.

2. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s other famous former CEO Bill Gates is warning of a new kind of terrorism, and the ‘potential damage is very, very huge’. And Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is threatening hundreds of Hawaiians to protect his 700-acre Hawaiian estate.

3. Stocks in the US were muted, down slightly across the board by the close. The Dow is now headed for its first five-day drop since Donald Trump’s election. The Australian dollar is finding support ahead of Chinese GDP and iron ore is slow ahead of Chinese New Year celebrations.

4. At 4am tomorrow, Donald Trump will become the President of the USA. Let’s deal with that when it happens. Because these next 20-odd hours belong to the man he replaces, Barack Obama. He’ll leave office with around a 60% favourable rating, about 20% more popular than the man replacing him. There will be plenty of look-backs on his career, but we’ll start with a surprising choice for what Obama says was “the scariest night of my presidency”, his final farewell note to America, and this footage of his stirring inauguration speech from 2009.

5. Somewhere near Juneau, Winconsin, a kid was crying because when Dad brought home the truck full of red Skittles, the truck was empty:

They didn’t have a little ‘s’ on them, but “you can definitely smell, it’s a distinct Skittles smell”, Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt told WISN. And a shiny dollar for anyone who knew that truckloads of reject Skittles usually end up as feed for cattle.

6. Novak Djokovic looked troubled in his first round match at the Australian Open, framing every other shot and muttering to himself. Last night, in the second round, he bowed out in “perhaps the worst loss of his career” to a wild card. On another court, Gael Monfils looked like he couldn’t be bothered, but he was actually brilliant:

7. You won’t see Trump’s great friend Kanye West at tomorrow’s inauguration. That’s because Tom Barrack, who’s in charge of entertainment, didn’t invite him. Here’s why:

“It’s going to be typically and traditionally American”

West was born in Atlanta, raised in Chicago and works in a genre that is native to the US.

8. The price of freedom. This week, two US Air Force B-2 Spirit bombers dropped more than 100 precision-guided munitions on two Islamic State camps in Libya, killing about 80 IS fighters. They took off from Missouri and were in the air for 34 hours. And that single strike cost $US8.8 MILLION.

9. Atlassian, the $US6 billion Australian-founded workplace solutions company, is doing its bit to redress the gender imbalance in the tech workforce. This year, it’s graduate program intake is made up of 57% women, compared to just 17% last year. And it’s something the company should be commended for, rebounding impressively from an incident in 2014 when an employee unfavourably compared development tool Maven to his beautiful but needy girlfriend.

10. This could be your new Samsung Galaxy S8:

Blogger Andi Sykes says it was sent to him by a company making accessories for the new phone, which will likely be launched at the Mobile World Congress next month. Here’s all we know about Samsung’s most important phone to date.

BONUS ITEM: Wolverine’s replacement might just be the hardest kid on screen since Shark Boy:

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