10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Lionel Messi doing what he does best. Photo: Alex Caparros/ Getty.

Good morning.

1. The dollar is going off, making a run at 72 cents, with 73 in its sights if we see a strong employment number when the controversial Australian labour force survey drops at 11.30am.

2. Unless Greg McKenna is wrong – and he’s never wrong – the rally is under way.

That’s our man on Friday, and now we’ve seen four days of rallying on the ASX and SPI 200. And while the ASX closed down a little yesterday, shops are open all hours around the world and the March SPI 200 contract is up 70 points, 1.4% to 4,906. So the run is set to continue today.

3. Old NBN is the new NBN. We hear a lot about the merits and failings of fibre-to-the-premises versus fibre-to-the-node, but the third bit of the NBN dilly-of-a-pickle is HFC. That’s the one where a neighbourhood shares a single cable capable of delivering up to 120Mbps, but can slow down to nothing when everyone in the neighbourhood is online. But the NBN’s chief technology officer Dennis Steiger is in the US looking at new tech which can ramp that up to Ludicrous Speed. Here’s how it could work.

4. Scott Morrison spoke at the National Press Club yesterday. That’s about all the news there was in it, because he didn’t say anything much that we didn’t already know about the state of the economy or the government’s thinking on GST, negative gearing, capital gains tax, superannuation reform, income tax, or company tax – you know, all those crunch issues everyone is wondering about. He did warn that we may simply have to get used to lower levels of economic growth, and if there’s one positive, he did have an impressive command of the detail on the challenges facing the economy. Here’s his slide deck, for those interested.

5. Lionel Messi scored an impossible goal. Well, impossible for humans. And it was at training, but still:

6. This is a curly one, for all sides involved. The FBI can’t unlock the iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernadino shooters, and that’s important, because it wants to work out how they were influenced by Islamist terror groups. Apple refused, and a US magistrate has now ordered Tim Cook to comply. Here’s why he won’t, and here’s why some experts say if he does, it will make the internet less safe.

7. Anyhoo, if you’re not a terrorist, here are 5 ways to keep your iPhone secure. Or, if you’re thinking maybe it’s time to get one of those Androids, here’s a leaked video of someone holding and showing off some new details of a supposed upcoming Galaxy S7.

8. Saving you from yourself. It’s a daily service here at 10 Things, and today we’re telling you how to use your deodorant properly. As in, don’t put it on in the morning, because it doesn’t work as well as it does when you put it on at night. Oh yeah, and there is absolutely no evidence Nutella destroys human brains, no matter what your genius Facebook friends tell you.

9. Some architects want to build this mile-high skyscraper on the waters of Tokyo Bay:

Tokyo skyscraperKohn Pedersen Fox

But architects have a tendency to throw out concepts which never, ever get built – see the incredible visions of Vincent Callebaut as a great example – possibly because the publicity they get is great for business. And the pictures are admittedly great.

10. It’s almost New York Fashion Week, so there’s no better time to find things to write about Victoria’s Secret supermodels. One, Elsa Hosk, caught up with StyleCaster to fill them in on what she eats in a day. And it’s surprisingly wholesome, with meat and all, and a killer quote:

I have main meals, and I make sure I eat a lot so I survive to the next meal.

There’s more on Hosk’s diet here.

BONUS ITEM: Your internet moment today stars a T-rex riding a horse kicking a giant soccer ball:

Have a great day.

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