10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

No internet for 24 hours. Picture: BBC

Good morning.

1. Woo. The Dow got flirtey again with 20,000 overnight but just couldn’t make it happen. 26 points to go but the Christmas booze is kicking in. Australian traders are cheery though. After yesterday’s second consecutive rise, March SPI futures are up 15 points. The Aussie dollar is dull and iron ore stumbled back below $80 a tonne.

2. Mind blown. It’s cheaper to order McDonald’s “Extra Value” Meals if you order the products individually. In two stores anyway, at least. James Gertie found he saved 41 cents in a Chicago store by ordering an Extra Value Meal made of individual items, and now he’s suing McDonald’s for the deceptive marketing. Have you checked your local Maccas? BI readers in the US have found other examples.

3. Somebody will break the internet in 2017. That’s US technology security vendor LogRhythm’s big prediction for the year ahead of us, one in which we’ll stumble around anguished and blind to all our friends’ Likes while hackers steal the entire webs for 24 hours.

4. Germany got the wrong man. One suspect in yesterday’s truck attack that killed 12 at a Berlin Christmas market has been released due to a lack of evidence. “It is the case that we possibly still have a dangerous offender in our area,” Berlin police chief Klaus Kandt told media.

5. Mark Zuckerberg’s “Jarvis” is alive and shooting T-shirts at the Facebook founder whenever he raises his arm:

A virtual assistant in his home has been Zuckerberg’s major personal project in 2016, and he’s delivered it with a good 10 days to spare. Watch it in action as it entertains his child in mornings, makes some toast and attempts to play some Nickelback.

6. Saddam Hussein just wanted to write. A CIA analyst who was tasked with studying the dictator full-time has just penned a book in which he claims Hussein was not actually “on a mission to blow up the world” at all. He was simply trying to finish the book he was writing. Huh. And while we’re talking about guys who destroyed millions of lives, here’s how Bernie Madoff is doing these days behind bars.

7. iPhone Apps. Do you still gush over them? If so, you’ll have enjoyed 2016 offerings such as Musical.ly or Prisma. But you may have missed a few, so here are the best iPhone apps of 2016.

8. The Goldman Sachs Christmas crossword is here:

But you’ll need to click here for the clues and answers. Ha.

9. You can’t accuse India of not trying. We’re not talking about the cricket, obviously, where they just completed one of the most brutal Test series demolitions of the Poms in cricket history. We’re talking about PM Nerendra Modi, who last month announced all the big banknotes were suddenly worthless in order to crack down on illegal activity. Now, to fill in the gaps created by that, the Indian government will hold a daily lottery for anyone who buys into a new system of electronic payments. Starting on Christmas Day (!) the prize amounts vary from $15 to $1,500, culminating in an April 14 draw for more than $1.5 million.

10. Bill Clinton yesterday said Donald Trump doesn’t know much. Well, BILL CLINTON DOESN’T KNOW MUCH.

This new US president is going to be the best.

BONUS ITEM: Casey Neistat makes really slick videos. For that, he got a new job at CNN for Christmas – and a drone that can carry him around:

Have a great day.

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