10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Well hello, Friday.

1. Let’s talk about markets first.

The ASX went its own way yesterday, taking a hit while most other markets continued to enjoy the post-Trump party. But a lot of the upwards movement in the US overnight can probably be put down to Fed chair Janet Yellen’s comments which suggested a lock on a December rate hike. So the Aussie dollar is down near 74 cents, and the yen, euro, gold and commodity markets are also under pressure. ASX futures traders still bet the index is up 14 points on today’s opening.

2. Today in Trumpland. Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman says it now looks like the FBI was Putin’s “virtual ally”. Yes, yes. Hillary Clinton gave her first speech since conceding the election. Yawns. Obama warned Trump would have to take his new job seriously. Parp. And the cost of iPhones could double. DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL.

3. Eighteen years ago, China bought a 302-metre long hull from Ukraine. A lot has changed in China since 1998, and not so many people now are wondering what the heck China needs a giant aircraft carrier for. It now has one – the Liaoning, it’s been declared combat ready, and here’s exactly how it stacks up against the rest of the world’s naval giants.

4. It’s Friday, and Friday is long lunch day. This week, steak dinners are all the rage. Find a good one somewhere, then surprise everyone by loudly ordering the rump, then rolling your eyes at all the fillet orders. Because you’ve read this ultimate guide to ordering steak at a business lunch and that makes you a steak pro. Find one in Sydney’s 10 best new restaurants.

5. Thinking about stumping up for Microsoft’s radical Surface Studio as your next desktop? It’s out by Christmas, but backorders are piling up. Matt Weinberger just gave it a spin and is sold. Apparently, it’s awesome, as is the $100 Surface Dial, which will work with any Windows 10 PC. But really, Matt spent most of his time with the fold flat Studio just:

6. Gah, Millennials. They’re so… smart. And different. That makes them tricky hires for people older than them, which is most employers. So in today’s podcast, we had a fascinating chat with Andrew Joyce, the founder and CEO of mobile-focused careers app Found, about what to expect from the next gen workforce. You can find the show on iTunes or listen in below:

7. “Can you believe those idiots voted for Trump?” is something you might have uttered at work last week. And your boss might have sat there silently, thinking “I would have voted for Trump”, while mentally shredding your next pay rise. Here are another 31 thoughts you shouldn’t share with your boss. And here are 25 things you should never say to your coworkers including the timeless classic “I like the way those pants fit you”.

8. Everybody poos. But that doesn’t make it OK, because every poo smells. Without going into detail, that’s an even bigger problem in India, where the long-drops reek so badly, people would prefer to go in public. And the tragic result of that is some 800,000 children under 5 dying every year from related ailments. So Bill Gates made this thing that makes poos not smelly. Champion bloke, Bill Gates.

9. Russell Westbrook made this incredible, game-winning dunk in an early play-of-the-year candidate:

But the highlight came later, when his Thunder center teammate Steven Adams noted how Westbrook used both his right and left hands:

“He’s amphibious. Yeah, that’s amphibious, mate. That’s amphibious that he used right and left.”

10. No, this is amphibious. And it’s also the most mind-blowing magic trick of the year.

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Have a great weekend. Don’t fade into Bolivia.

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