10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Something about crying, something about dropped milk. Picture: HBO

Good morning.

1. Remember that time Adolf Hitler went from fringe politician to chancellor of Germany to dictator in the space of a few years? Donald Trump already has more popular support than Hitler had before he eliminated Germany’s democracy. And yes, while Hitler was more overtly racist, anti-Semitic, and fanatical than Trump, Henry Blodget has a lengthy discussion here about why it’s a mistake to think it couldn’t happen in the US.

2. As for the rest of our Trump US election coverage, here’s:

Oh, and:

3. On the markets, a big draw in US oil inventories caught traders on the hop and energy stocks responded by helping drive the S&P a little higher. According to Greg McKenna, that sets up a positive start to the day for the local stock market with the December SPI 200 contract up 9 points after yesterday’s 24-point rally. And the Aussie dollar has finally climbed the wall of worry and found some footing above 77 cents.

4. This connected world. Elon Musk will at midday reveal something about Tesla that it is “unexpected by most”. It’s time to get ready for the Apple House. And if you’re buying a house in the future, you can wave goodbye to agents. This startup has an app that replaces them in the bidding process and on open house days. It evens unlocks the house for you and guides you around inside.

5. Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn released a poster for the sequel to his brilliant surprise 2015 Marvel hit. Then while everyone was scrutinising every detail of it and wondering when the first trailer will drop, Gunn dropped the teaser trailer, which was easily good enough:

6. Oops. Scientists just accidentally turned CO2 into fuel. But here’s why their discovery may never make it out of the lab.

7. Remember Headphonejackgate? iPhone users are over it now. But when Apple launches its first proper redesign of the MacBook Pro in years next week, there could be another major input gone AWOL – the traditional USB port.

8. “Disruption” is great when the tech it refers to makes life more flexible and ideally, cheaper. But almost inevitably, financial reality hits and the disruptive player swaps its hoodie for a smart polo and quietly but surely morphs into just another big profit-taker. So today, here’s how the rising tide of data flowing in shows how Airbnb is now actually pushing up rents in hot cities – and property prices with them.

9. If you haven’t watched Westworld yet, you should know it’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure with evil corporate undercurrents. If you have watched Westworld, and it’s doing your head in, here’s the perfect explanation for how every day unfolds for Dolores, depending on who picks up her can of milk:

10. The massive growth in China’s middle class has seen our wine industry grow to Australia’s top export market by value for the first time. So here’s the $185,000 decanter for the Grange drinker who already has everything, but nothing Grange-branded worth $185,000 to pour Grange out of.

BONUS ITEM: Love is… Magnus Carlsen “restoring Norwegian pride” by playing chess hustlers in Washington Square Park, while Liv Tyler watches:

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