10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

What’s wrong with this picture?

Good morning. Let’s head straight for the markets.

1. Locally on the ASX yesterday, the market ended lower again and is dangerously close to a big break toward 5,500 and potentially 5,300. Traders aren’t getting too excited, but they are watching the 200-day moving average as a guide to whether or not the ASX 200 is about to take another step lower. Iron ore down again and pressure on banks are the cross currents, depending on how they settle, which will determine where to next for the Australian market.

2. The euro tanked by 1.47% after the ECB said it would expedite easing. That dragged the Aussie down 0.9% to the low 79 cent region, which also matched the pound’s fall. The Kiwi and the CAD also tumbled, so thanks for that, ECB.

3. It’s been a wild 12 months for Instagram fitness sensation Kayla Itsines, the personal trainer who’s seen her following on Instagram explode to nearly 3 million fans. She even had to start another digital marketing agency just to handle the social media side of her business and now she’s alongside Australia best entrepreneurs, including the founders of Ingogo and Emma&Tom’s and in the running to be EY Australian Entrepreneur Of The Year.

4. The Business Climate Summit is under way in Paris. Let’s be honest – all the Earth Days and recycling bins in the world won’t do squat for climate change compared to what could happen if businesses truly believed they could be environmentally responsible and maintain their profit margins. That’s why this is one of, if not the, most important climate summit on the calendar. And Unilever CEO Paul Polman is not only a believer, he’s given us this exclusive post on why businesses should try harder.

5. DOOM. The FPS that defined video games in the 90s hasn’t had a freshen up since 2004’s divisive “Doom 3”. But after 11 years in development hell, 11 seconds of it was leaked last night as a teaser to a gameplay reveal at publisher Bethesda’s E3 showcase on June 14. It also gives us a chance to relive that moment when Bill Gates put himself in the game to promote Windows 95:

Bill Gates in 'Doom'Play GIFMicrosoft / id SoftwareBill Gates holding court with a shotgun from within a video game

6. Who you should (and should not) accept on LinkedIn. You should already know it’s not helpful to just connect with the entire world knocking on your profile. It’s not Facebook and it affects your credibility. But here’s LinkedIn’s career expert Catherine Fisher with tips on how to choose who to connect with.

7. This is amazing. Swinburne University of Technology in Australia and CSIRO researchers have found a way to separate cream from milk – using soundwaves. That could mean tastier cheese, faster. They’ll show it later this week at the annual meeting of the Acoustical Society of America in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

8. This Queen is awesome. Apart from having already lived through 18 British prime ministers and 15 US presidents, she owns all Britain’s dolphins. And she has her own ATM in Buckingham Palace. But does she take a printed receipt or display her balance on the screen?

9. Greyhound racing is still a thing. Incredible, given revelations earlier this year that trainers were using live possums and pigs to train their dogs, and racing authorities probably knew about it. But even though 23 people have so far been arrested, two men were charged yesterday for using kittens for live bait as recently as this month. Make it stop.

10. Have another look at that picture at the top of this post. It got Redditors all in a fluff trying to work out why it looks like an M.C. Escher illusion. The trolley’s under the overpass, but the men in the bucket… aren’t.

Have a great day.

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