10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

We’re waiting for you, McFly. Picture: Universal Pictures

Good morning.

1. To the markets and with traders holding fire across the globe, there’s not a lot to go on apart from the miners, who dragged the index down again last night. Iron ore is back at its lowest levels since July 27, and with oil also down, that suggests another down day for the Aussie market. ASX SPI200 December futures dipped 12 points. There’s nothing worth noting in data.

2. Let’s talk about the dollar, which recently defied the doomsayers by coming within two days of setting its longest stretch of gains since floating in 1983. Senior currency strategist at the CBA, Joseph Capurso, wasn’t hearing any of it and remains a battler bear. Here are his six reasons why everyone should be smoking the Aussie dollar.

3. But wait, wait – here’s one fund manager who reckons a 77-cent Aussie dollar is a real chance. So yeah, good luck with all that, forex traders.

4. It’s October 21, 2015. You might know it as the day Marty McFly traveled to in 1989 and saw this going on:

and this:

Neither of which are going on today. The hoverboards are cruddy and will only work on a planet made of steel. But we might still see power laces and the film at least got these seven things right. And besides, BTTF Day is still nine hours away in McFly’s hometown of Hill Valley, so there’s still time. NSW premier Mike Baird is obviously a believer:

5. He’s certainly not a believer in over-governing. Baird’s got a plan to save $2 billion a year by merging a whole stack of NSW councils. A report claims 60% of them were “found to be unfit” and could face annihilation. Even the City of Sydney got a slap on the wrist…

6. Your salary. It might make you miserable thinking about how much others earn, and fair enough, because a couple of Nobel Prize winners have found that someone pulling in $250,000 will report higher life satisfaction than someone earning $100,000. But they also report that there’s another kind of happiness – contentment. And happily, this is the threshold pay level beyond which it levels off. (Hint: It’s well within reach.)

7. Your mortgage. There’s one way to cut it out of the equation entirely and start saving 90 per cent of your salary. It involves finding a truck big enough to sleep in, and an employer who gives you a permanent spot in their carpark. And shower facilities and free food all day. Like Google.

8. English chef Heston Blumenthal opened his first permanent overseas restaurant in Melbourne yesterday – Dinner by Heston. A few of the dishes have an Aussie twist and he offers an explanation for the origins of all his meals on the back of the menu. Everything except lamingtons:

Here’s the problem he’s facing, and it should come as no surprise to find Kiwis involved.

9. Could you survive on a desert island? Ben Saul-Garner wasn’t sure, so he convinced a man in Japan to drop him off on a 150-hectare island in Indonesia somewhere armed with only a machete, speargun, fishing line, hooks and knife. 10 days later, Ben was still alive – here’s how he did it.

10. That Wallabies penalty. It wasn’t really a penalty, according to the match review committee which had a closer look at Scotland’s 35-34 loss to Australia in the Rugby World Cup quarter-final. But who cares? There’s only one lesson to be learnt here – if you want to put the result beyond doubt, you’ve got to take the close calls out of the game. By winning by heaps, like the All Blacks did against France. See you in 2019, Scotland.

BONUS ITEM: Set your DeLorean for 9.30am and read Chris Pash’s story about why we all need a poo transplant immediately and how the Australian government is denying us this basic right. You won’t regret it.

Have a great day.

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