10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

A classic moment, now forever sullied. Picture: Paramount Pictures

Good morning.

1. First, to markets, where the Dow and S&P 500 touched record highs in early trading, gave them back, then rebounded. It could be a set-up for tomorrow night’s US rate decision, or it could be that the Trump trade is back. Elsewhere, cautious words on UK and Canadian rates had the pound and loonie easing, while the Aussie slipped back below US80 cents overnight as iron ore prices dipped again. ASX200 SPI futures have the market slightly up at the open.

2. BI’s technology editor admits he – and his wife – “are not luxury motoring enthusiasts by any means”. But they are converted to electric, because they just drove the Tesla Model S from Sydney to Orange, where they found Autopilot both terrifying and comforting. Comforting won – here’s the excellent review. And here’s Rolls-Royce taking self-driving tech to the seas with “a naval vessel that can operate by itself for 100 days straight”.

3. The world’s central banks need to start thinking seriously about Bitcoin, says the Bank of International Settlements. China certainly is – the Wall Street Journal’s Chao Deng says last week crackdown by Beijing on cryptocurrency exchanges was an effort “to limit expansion of a system to rival the yuan”. It didn’t work, because BTC is now trading back above $US4000. And the creator of $US27 billion worth of Ethereum reckons blockchain tech could steal business from Visa in a “couple of years”. That’s him on the left, looking nervous about having to get back to school before lunch time ends:

Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin and AngelList founder Naval Ravikant. Picture: Becky Peterson

And internet sleuths thought they’d even caught JPMorgan buying Bitcoin, but because they were internet sleuths, they didn’t.

4. In these enlightened times, everyone gets a say. Which is why this former Woolworths’ MD was comfortable telling ABC’s 7.30 that same-sex marriage can’t happen, just like “a black man will never be a white man” – and vice versa.

5. We hate to sound like your dad, but how much have you saved for your retirement so far? If it’s not up to these benchmarks Fidelity recommends for your age, then your retirement is already looking grim.

6. Someone in Geneva is not worried about their retirement. They’re cutting up €500 banknotes and flushing them down toilets. Tens of thousands worth of €500 banknotes, and three restaurants have had to get plumbers in to unclog the pipes. A spokesperson for the Geneva Prosecutor’s Office is now thinking “there must be something behind this story”.

7. As United Nations diplomats gather in New York to hear Trump address the 193-member body for the first time, North Korean soldiers in the DMZ were looking up at this:

US jets over KoreaThe US, South Korea, and Japan conducted military drills over the Korean Peninsula. Picture: Getty Images

We have more pics of the epic show of force from the US, South Korea and Japan.

8. Here’s a chart of North Korea’s major exports and imports. See if you can spot the elephant in the room:

That’s actually not the worst balance of trade, either. Countries are lining up for the Hermit Kingdoms’ coal briquettes, molluscs and crabs.

9. Really, really sorry to have to show you this:

Can’t. Breathe. And Hillary Clinton has described the day after her shock loss to Donald Trump in her book “What Happened”. She did what anyone would do – drive home with her husband, loved the sight of her front gate, put on yoga pants and cuddle her dogs.

10. We’ve moved a step closer to being able to send data at light speeds. Although it’s not so much the sending that’s the problem – it’s having the capacity at the other end to untangle it all. But University of Sydney researchers say they have found a way to manage it as sound before sending it on again as light, or something like that except more science-y. Anyhoo, photonic chips could one day solve all our overheating problems.

BONUS ITEM: They got the wrong Rocky quote. Golovkin is actually like a piece of iron:

Have a great day.

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