10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

What have the Irish ever done? Picture: BBC

Friday! Careful now.

1. Let’s start with markets, where stocks in the US diddled about after the US Fed’s rate rise and Goldman Sachs moved its 2017 forecast forward to two rate hikes in June and September. Healthcare took a hit as traders cashed in following the US president’s first budget, which took aimed at regulatory costs and funding. Aussie stocks nudged ahead yesterday but the dollar rally has run out of puff and iron ore is courting a tumble.

2. In the US, President Trump’s first budget knocked the Environmental Protection Agency out of the park. But overall, pretty much everyone took a hit apart from the military:


The Gates Foundation was unimpressed and even McDonald’s wasn’t lovin’ it:


That’s pretty clearly off-brand, but it’s good to know hackers are politically active, too. Here’s a history of Trump’s relationship with fast food, including that dodgy Pizza Hut ad with Ivana from 1995.

3. Microsoft might be ditching the detachable screen option when it rolls out the new Surface Book sometime soon. Mainly because no one really uses it, and it makes it feel a bit too much like and expensive Surface. But importantly, it could also knock up to 30% off the Book price.

4. Sydney’s northern beaches are getting a tunnel. That might alleviate some of the city’s worst bottlenecks, but it will almost certainly crowd the waves even more at Manly. And 71 homeowners in the ritzy suburbs of Artarmon, Cammeray, Balgowlah and Seaforth probably didn’t sleep well last night either.

5. Snapchat’s early investors are now deep underwater as the share price dropped below $US20 overnight. So it’s no surprise that Snapchat execs are now publicly showing how irritated they are by Facebook’s constant copying. Expect that to heat up from here. And GoPro, which has seen its stock fall 76% from its 2014 IPO, is finally realising that smartphones can do exactly what its cameras can.

6. Here’s when the RBA thinks wages in Australia will eventually start rising again. But remember, the RBA has been terrible at forecasting wages growth for years. Exhibit A – the legs off to the right are hope; the black line, reality:


7. Today would be a great day to announce the fight between Irish UFC champion Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather is on for real. But we best we can give you is UFC president Dana White publicy hyping the potential match by telling US chat show “Conan” four reasons why McGregor can be the first person to outbox Mayweather in, ooh, 20 years?

8. The far right failed in Europe? Yes, Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party was as far from taking victory in the Netherlands election as it was from any form of moderate policy. But it did shift comfortably into position as the country’s second-most powerful party. It gained five extra seats while leader Mark Rutte’s leading party lost nine. It’s what you might call a “movement”.

9. Here’s everything we know so far about “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”. And here’s where Skull Island is, according to Google Maps:

10. EWG’s guide to pesticides in 2017 is out. You’d probably know it better as the “Dirty Dozen”, because that’s how it gets shared on Facebook. That fact alone should be enough for you to know you need to read up a bit more. So here’s a real scientist to tell you why the “Dirty Dozen” doesn’t tell you anything useful at all about pesticide levels.

BONUS ITEM: We were going to show you the Riverdance debut but this just landed:

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Here are all the glorious details.

Have a great weekend, now.

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