10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Welcome to the end of the week.

1. The rally that preceded the stock market crash of 1929 ran for 2002 days in the US. This current rally has now run for… 2002 days. But Michael Paulenoff, president of Pattern Analytics, says there are much more sensible indicators out there, like this one about declining stock volumes that’s also happening right now.

2. Anyway, the rally has eased, a little. US stocks slipped, Treasuries snapped a five-day losing streak and the greenback weakened. Australian and Asian shares are poised to a open little changed, and in earnings today, we’ll see Medibank, Virgin Australia, Coco-Cola Amatil and Santos. Iron ore prices are still in retreat and the Aussie dollar broke out of the 77-cent “death zone”, then slipped back into it.

3. Snapchat has a price. Its parent company Snap filed more documents yesterday which priced its IPO at $US14 to $US16 a share. That put the company’s value at the top range at $US22.6 billion, a bit under the $US26 billion estimated earlier. It looks like it will all happen in March.

4. Trump upped his media game. When asked how the US would respond to a Russian “spy ship” spotted near the coast, he replied:

“I’m not going to tell you.”


5. Ah, internet fridges. Samsung’s having another crack at them, but maybe this time it will be different. Its new Family Hub 2.0 range actually has a deal with Woolies which means you can order your fruit and veg right from the fridge door. It can even tell you what to cook based on its insides, and if you’re away from home, can show you its insides:

A Samsung Family Hub 2.0 refrigerator showing its contents. (Source: Tony Yoo, Business Insider)

It sounds great in theory, but here’s a fridge IRL:

Yes, that’s my fridge. Something with cheese, tomato, mayo?

Anyhoo, it’s all coming this year, along with a robot that will clean your home before boozy you and guests arrive for a snap party, and a smartwatch which will tell you if your elderly loved ones are dying. Nice.

6. This usually works the other way around. We mention how high Sydney house prices are, then say something like “at least you’re not trying to get into Chelsea, London, where this one-bed, one-bathroom pile of bricks was just listed at nearly $1 million“. Haha. Except there are now more suburbs in Sydney with a median house price of more than $2 million than there are with a median price of $600,000 or lower.

7. The US is sending more big guns to the Pacific. The USS Carl Vinson is on its way to the South China Sea for a sniff around, and now it will be joined by F-22s, a nuclear-powered submarine, and possibly B-1 and B-2 nuclear-capable bombers. Blame Kim Jong-Un. And news just in – finally, maybe, the F-35 is ready for prime time.

8. Dog owners think their animals are smart. Like people! So they post videos like this about how funny it is when dogs look guilty:

They’re not feeling guilty, because they’re not smart enough to feel guilty. They’re scared. You’re frightening the bejesus out an animal that loves you so you get to post a funny video.

9. Elon Musk’s new toy is The Boring Company. Musk floated the idea of a tunnel company in December, but it looks like he’s serious, and has bought a domain name and appointed a SpaceX engineer as project leader. He says underground transportation systems make much more sense than flying cars, which would create a lot of wind and noise for people below. And this:

“If somebody doesn’t maintain their flying car, it could drop a hubcap and guillotine you”

10. The Apocalypse isn’t as scary when you’re a millionaire. We’ve recently learnt that “buying a property in New Zealand” is Silicon Valley code for “It’s all about to go pear-shaped”. Here’s a report on what other tech millionaires are spending on as the big day approaches, including the ever-popular laser eye surgery.

BONUS ITEM: NSW Police are cranky about this “offensive” mod that’s popped up on GTA V:

It’s not offensive. It’s funny – although not as funny as NSW Police Minister Troy Grant describing the modders as “underground computer geeks”.

Have a great weekend.

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