10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

This is actually a health announcement. Picture: Squatty Potty

Good morning.

1. It’s jobs day here in Australia, and the Aussie looks set to wake from its slumber. That’s because after six months of strong employment growth, economists expect another solid increase today. Here’s your 10-second guide to the chances of an outlier result today. We’ll also get China’s Q3 GDP data today. In the US, it seems the only risk to record highs continuing is if Trump doesn’t get his tax cut bill passed.

2. A new survey showed that nearly half of Americans believe the media makes up stories about President Donald Trump. That’s absurd. Meanwhile, here’s a completely legit story about how First Lady Melania has been replaced by a body double.

3. Bitcoin took its biggest plunge in a month, falling 8% on US regulator fears. But we found a top strategist who believes it will hit $US25,000 within five years, and made him tell us why. And if you’d made a blind investment in every initial coin offering to date, including those that failed, you’d have made a 1,320% return.

4. The grocery wars are back on. IBISWorld says Woolworths has “invested significantly” in reducing prices to compete with Coles and ALDI, with average prices falling 2.1% last financial year. It’s expected to get even hotter when Amazon launches. But in the midst of all your checkout celebrations, try to find a moment to consider what that means for Australia’s farmers.

5. China just told the UN it expects its Tiangong-1 space station to crash to Earth any minute now. Or in April next year. Somewhere on Earth. So we asked a reentry specialist if any bits of it would make it to Earth, and he said yes. Yes they will.

6. Samsung had a big night out, launching its overhauled voice assistant Bixby. Bixby is built on Viv, which was built by the people who built Siri, after they sold Siri to Apple. You can now expect Bixby to be built into just about everything Samsung produces (although maybe not their weapons lol), and also, things they don’t. This dongle plugs into a dumb speaker and turns it into a smart speaker. And this is how a partnership with Google will help Samsung take on Apple in the race to proper augmented reality.

7. Here’s a view of Pyongyang nobody has ever seen before:

Picture: nknewsorg via Youtube

Aram Pam negotiated a strict deal to get a 360-degree aerial view of the most mysterious city on the planet, and it is … colourful. The full video is here and in the shot above we’ve circled the iconic “Hotel of Doom”, the $US700 billion eyesore that looks like it is finally getting close to completion.

8. Here’s another strange sight:

Uber fake cityAn aerial view of Uber’s fake city in Hazelwood, Pittsburgh. Picture: Uber

It’s Uber’s fake city in Pittsburgh, where fake pedestrians jump out in front of cars. Self-driving cars, to see if they can deal with unpredictable humans. In Silicon Valley, someone spotted Apple’s self-driving technology, on a roof-rack wrapped in “Apple-style white plastic”. And if you want to start a $7 billion ride-share service, it’s OK to hook up with a cofounder 4000km away who you only just met on Facebook. It worked for Lyft.

9. Here are all the alcohols that are gluten-free. But before you start pouring, have a look around. Because if your kid is watching, you can leave them “anxious, embarrassed, and worried” — even if it is gluten-free.

10. The unarmed security guard who disappeared after being shot through a door before the Las Vegas atrocity has turned up. Jesus Campos bolted from a hotel room just minutes before scheduled interviews with media last Thursday, and hadn’t been seen since. Nobody should have been concerned, because this is the US and of course, Jesus had got a better offer from Ellen DeGeneres.

BONUS ITEM: Today’s PSA about what dragons poop is for after breakfast:

Have a great day.

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