10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Secret images have leaked of Russian scientists adding finishing touches to their Trump bot back in 2014. Picture: Getty

Good morning.

1. There’s less than 48 hours to go before Donald Trump is officially made President of the USA. And he’s already revealed his campaign slogan for 2020. He came up with “Keep America Great!” during an interview with The Washington Post and liked it so much, he told his lawyer (present) to trademark and register it. And he told the Post how he came up with his current slogan, “Make America Great Again”.

2. Alibaba founder Jack Ma says America hasn’t been so great in the past 30 years either. In Davos, he just outlined his brutal theory of how America messed everything up by fighting 13 wars instead of creating jobs.

3. Except now, it is. US Fed chair Janet Yellen was pretty stoked with “near maximum employment and inflation” in her speech at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco overnight. So good, most US workers – remembering the country is at “near maximum employment” – are seeing their wages rise. Remember pay rises, Australia? Here’s Yellen’s speech in full.

4. Markets. Despite the positive assessment from Yellen, US stocks fluctuated mildly before closing around the same levels, but the dollar rallied. Australian stock futures point to a marginally weaker open, the Aussie dollar is sliding and the crazy moves in the iron ore price are over. The big drop in Australia today the employment report at 11.30am AEDT – here’s your 10-second guide.

5. Nike got into a bit of trouble four days ago by releasing this branded message:

Some critics say Nike was making light of mental illness. But it undeniably sums up Kyrgios, especially last night when he sulked his way to a five-set loss to Andreas Seppi. “It’s just a black eye for the sport,” John McEnroe said from the commentary box.

6. Tim Cook made Apple a “boring operations company”, according to former Apple engineer Bob Burrough. Yeah, but he also made an iPhone which shoots lasers at your face to log you in.

7. Remember that post a couple of weeks back about how Frozen princesses Elsa and Anna’s mum and dad didn’t die at sea – they were shipwrecked and gave birth to Tarzan? No? Anyway, Disney has confirmed that pretty much of its movies are linked, and just released a video on Facebook showing how:

8. Pauline Hanson was thrilled to be thought of:

Note – there’s “gifted” in the sense you and I think of it, like when someone surprises you with a gift. Then there’s “gifted” in the One Nation sense. The one where your party members make “multiple requests” to the Australian embassy and ask “a number of Congressional offices if they had any spare tickets available”.

9. Animals aren’t humans, but we like to think they think like humans. That’s how everyone got confused when they thought the kangaroo was cradling its dying mate’s head, when it was actually trying to bonk her. And it’s why we think fish feel pain when they’ve got a big hook stuck in their mouth, because they’re flapping and trying to get away. They don’t, says neuroscientist Brian Key, who is today beating back the haters for going public with that theory.

10. And in case you missed it yesterday, here’a a long read for your commute about how artificial intelligence is evolving so rapidly, it’s probably time to stop and have a good think about it. Because now Google’s robots have started making their own decisions, the intelligence isn’t artificial at all.

BONUS ITEM: It’s a napkin! It’s a table! It’s a Napkin Table!

Have a great day.

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