10 things you need to know this morning in Australia


Good morning.

1. It was an interesting day on the ASX yesterday. A tech meltdown saw it open late, close early, and traders doing what traders do every time there’s a glitch like this – head straight to Ryan’s Bar for an afternoon sesh. If all goes well today, things should be better even though the lead from a flat Wall Street has left the December SPI futures down 4 points. That’s because BHP, Rio and the other miners had a good night.

2. On rates, Greg McKenna reckons the probabilities of a US hike this week are much closer to 50% than the current market pricing of 12%. He also reckons Aussie rate moves could have a bit more wiggle room in the future due to subtle changes in the agreement that treasurer Scott Morrison and new RBA guv Phil Lowe signed yesterday on the conduct of monetary policy.

3. The New York bombing attempt could have been so much worse. Police in New Jersey apprehended 28-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahami after a shootout yesterday. He is suspected of being involved in three bombing attempts, all of which failed because two didn’t go off, and one was placed in a metal-sided dumpster. And he was seen on CCTV planting the bombs. Like this one, made from a pressure cooker and duct tape:

And he was found sleeping in a pub doorway. Here’s everything we know about Ahmad Khan Rahami. But the real mystery is, how does anyone survive an “exchange of gunfire” when US cops are involved?

4. And because we know you’ll want to know, here’s what Donald Trump thinks about all of it. What everyone thinks of Jimmy Fallon’s interview with Trump. And why legendary investor T. Boone Pickens thinks the fact either Trump and Hillary Clinton will be the next US president “scares the hell” out of him.

5. “Define irony.” When you go up to accept your Emmy for starring in a Sherlock Holmes movie, and return to your seat to find your handbag’s been nicked:

Abbington still hasn’t found it. And the award for second best steal of the night goes to Australia’s Ben Mendelsohn. The 80-1 longshot won Outstanding Supporting Actor for his role in Bloodline, beating out Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister. Well done.

6. An even better award is being named in our Australian Tech 100. That’s because you’ve obviously made the biggest contribution to technology in Australia in the past year. We’ll be having a party and everything, so if you know someone who should be on it and there, send us the nomination. Here’s how to do it.

7. Today in cars, Honda has filed a patent for an 11-speed transmission that uses three clutches. BMW used its car tech to design running shoes without laces. And Rolls Royce has this hilarious concept vision for a luxurious driverless car with a couch and TV inside:

8. “Define epic.” We don’t get Red Lobster in Australia. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read what happened when Hollis Johnson and Kate Taylor decided to test the eatery’s “Endless Shrimp” promo… for 8 hours. What followed was an amazing post about what went down at The Shrimpening.

9. Australian icon UGG may have just achieved the impossible. It took a partnership with Teva to do it, but their new $US225 mashup is possibly uglier than all the Crocs in the world:

Ugh. Picture: Teva

“Suspend your disbelief” is the tagline. Bet they’re comfy though.

10. You might not think you’re a salesperson. But you are – every time you pitch an idea to your boss, or go on a date, or meet someone new at a networking event, you’re essentially selling your ideas and your personality. So says Shana Lebowitz, and that’s exactly why you need to stop trying to get people to like you.

BONUS ITEM: Despite having run just two races, it’s clear Pakistan Star is extraordinary. There are no other words:

That’s two races, two last-to-first wins, for a cool $1,159,950.

Have a great day.