10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Tom Burton – master of his craft. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning. Well done Tom.

1. Rio was crazy. We finally won our seventh gold when Tom Burton gave his opposition a sailing masterclass. Burton had to finish five boats ahead of overall leader, Tonci Stipanovic of Croatia, which seemed almost impossible. Until Burton pulled a move off the start line that forced Stipanovic to chase him, and in the panic, the Croatian crashed and had to go back and start again. There were no miracles for Opals captain Penny Taylor, sadly, as she hit just two points against Serbia. The quarter-final loss made it five-from-five Australian teams to miss out on a medal.

In other events:

And some serious stuff, when Russian athlete Yuliya Stepanova told how her family has moved several times since blowing the whistle on the doping scandal, and gave this frightening quote after learning her ADAMS – an account used to locate athletes for drug tests – had been hacked:

“What I would like to say is that if something happens to us, all of you should know it is not an accident”

2. The mile high club is gross. Burning Man is stupid. Mardi Gras is overrated. Growing a beard takes no effort. It’s almost impossible to argue with all those things, which is why we love GSElevator’s lists so much. Here’s the latest – the GSElevator guide to the 50 things every man should do once.

3. BHP put on a horror show. The Big Australian posted a record $8.3 billion loss, down 31% to $40 billion, and slashed dividends. But CEO Andrew Mackenzie still found a bright side. And the SPI 200 futures took it all in their stride, and are only down 6 points this morning. So it might be another fairly quiet day on the local. Stocks overseas were down across the board as UK inflation came in high and a couple of US Fed presidents warned a September hike was not impossible.

4. Glenn Stevens says it’s OK to say no. In an interview with The Australian, the RBA governor weighed into the debate over whether Mike Baird should have been allowed to sell Ausgrid – or any other Australian assets – to Chinese foreign interests. He says it’s important to distinguish between assets which build new assets, like the mining boom, and just flogging off stuff for quick cash:

…”that’s not creating new capital for the country. That’s just altering the allocation of who owns the capital that’s here now.”

5. Russia’s got its fifth-generation stealth fighter in the air, and thinks it’s good enough to show off. Some say the PAK FA is actually a 4++ gen fighter. Some say its radar cross-section is three times bigger than the F-35’s. But no one can deny it only costs 50 million bucks, compared to the F-35’s $178 million. And importantly, it looks like she goes alright mate:

There’s more about the PAK FA reveal here.

6. This is the worst performing currency in the world. This, however, is the Aussie dollar that just won’t stay down – and the RBA governor says he gets that.

7. You might still be laughing at One Nation senator-elect Malcolm Roberts’ demand for “empirical evidence” of climate change and claims of a big NASA cover-up on Q&A Monday night. But when astrophysicist Katie Mack got involved on Twitter, she caught the eye of even more rabid deniers, then handled it beautifully and was rewarded with the kind of celebrity high-five her grandkids will be telling their grandkids about:

8. Microsoft made a few moves. Your holographic upgrade for Windows 10 is in the mail. The next generation of Windows computers will be a lot more like the Xbox. And to ice the cake, it released a new Surface Pro commercial slamming Apple’s iPad Pro super tablet.

9. The US presidential election that everyone dumped for the Olympics is about to make a big comeback. The Republicans have finally put their perjury case against Hillary Clinton and 33,000 deleted emails on the table. Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump shared with us her favourite piece of career advice. And we found the simple way to tell if the latest Donald Trump tweet is actually from The Don himself, or one of his social media lackeys.

10. Mark Zuckerberg had a say on the current startup situation. More specifically, Silicon Valley, which he notes “feels really backwards”. That’s because, he says, too many people these days “want to start a company before they even decide what they want to do”. Here’s what he thinks the obvious path to success looks like.

Have a great day.

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