10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Tasmanians – excellent taste. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning, and welcome to Brexit week.

1. Polling closes for the big vote around 7am on Friday AEST, and whatever the outcome, expect some turmoil to follow. It’s still neck and neck in the polls, which makes for an anxious week for traders, but Capital Economics is there for you all with an in-depth look at four types of results based on the level of support for the Remain or Leave camp. (A firm Leave vote means book your UK holiday.)

2. Not surprisingly, gold’s enjoying a bit of a rally. In fact commodities overall are looking solid – including iron ore – and along with a continued recovery in forex this morning, that all points to support for the local today. The September SPI futures contract is unchanged.

3. So yes, a big week in global economics ahead. But before we get to that, there’s a couple of items at home worth paying attention to. The minutes to this month’s RBA meeting are out tomorrow, along with two speeches from RBA speakers. And house prices are out the same day. In the US, Fed chair Janet Yellen has a couple of appearances, and Thursday sees a raft of releases including Chicago Fed National activity index and Markit Manufacturing PMI. And after the big vote drops Friday, we’ll get German Ifo. Don’t miss any of it – Greg McKenna’s diary has all you need to know.

4. That old adage about property doubling in price every seven to ten years is wrong. In Sydney, it’s close to two years – if you’d bought an off-the-plan apartment in the Barangaroo development. That he didn’t is one thing that makes the star of reality TV series “Million Dollar Listing” Matt Altman “so angry”.

5. Here’s a swanky pad:

Boeing 787 BBJ KestrelKestrel Aviation ManagementBoeing 787-8 BBJ interior.

And for $300 million, it could be yours. It’s what life is like on-board the first 787 Dreamliner to be built purely as a private jet. China’s HNA Aviation Group takes delivery of it next month. It’s main advantage is it can fly virtually anwyehere between two points on the globe without stopping, because time is money. But even better, it’s bigger then Trump’s.

6. We’re very close to making kids smart before they’re born. Gene editing technologies such as CRISPR will soon – if we let them – allow fertility clinics to add into an embryo’s genome beneficial variants that neither parent possesses. We already know parents will fork out hundreds of thousands of dollars to send their kids to private schools, so it’s not a step too far to see how being able to afford gene diting will benefit rich people. This will have another consequence, economics professor James D. Miller says – a global race to create the smartest kids. And here’s why that means we should all prepare for… higher interest rates?

7. For now, here’s a quick primer on how to figure out if you got smart the old-fashioned way.

8. Spaaace. And scientists using NASA’s Cassini spacecraft noticed something about Saturn:

Someone had dinged one of its perfect rings. Here’s what they think happened and here’s another colossal space bingle to ponder – that time a Mars-sized planet smashed into Earth and made it liveable.

9. How much would Apple’s share price have to drop to tempt you in? Billionaire Warren Buffett says this much.

10. Remember that gorgeous GT Ford revealed last year at the Detroit Motor Show? It was in-part designed by a Tasmanian, Todd Willing, and immediately after the wraps were taken off it, Ford announced it would return to the legendary Le Mans race in 2016 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its beating Ferrari with a 1-2-3 finish in Italy. And this weekend, it repeated the feat, beating Giancarlo Fisichella’s Ferrari 488 for top spot in the GTE Pro Class. Here’s Giancarlo’s view of it for much of the race:

Picture: Getty Images

That’s the kind of desirability you simply cannot buy for a supercar.

Have a great day.

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