10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Thank the Lord of Light it’s over. Picture: HBO

Good morning.

1. The US Fed didn’t move rates and no one was surprised. But the statement that followed was perhaps a bit more dovish than expected and all the US market closed up, helping the local market with the ASX SPI 200 futures contract up 34 points, 0.7% this morning. That, along with a spike in gold, oil and iron ore prices, sets up a good day for local stocks, and you can add in all the excitement and anticipation about this month’s hilarious installment of the jobs report. Fill your boots.

2. Life as an ex-PM. Is pretty good if you’ve got an eye for property, like Tony Blair has. According to a report by The Guardian, the Blair family have “at least 10 houses and 27 flats between them”, making a property empire worth £27 million ($51 million). And all the kids have a house each within walking distance of the family home. Although we’re wondering why Euan got the six-bedder and Kathryn was lumped with the one-bedder backing onto it.

3. There’s a secret club at Disney Land called Club 33 and it’s the only place inside the theme park where you can drink alcohol. It costs about $52,000 a year to join. If you ever need to see an example of American excess, here’s a bunch of people who can afford to pay $52,000, per year, to eat inside a restaurant at Disney Land:

There’s more about Club 33 here.

4. Here’s an easy way to find all those people who have not answered your Facebook friend request and clearly secretly hate you.


5. Remember these mysterious bright spots on Ceres that still no one understands?
Now we know even less about them, because they’re starting to glow, and we don’t know why.

6. The next big startup thing. There’s a feed for photos (Instagram), video (Snapchat), streaming video (Periscope), text (Twitter), everything (Facebook), so why isn’t there a feed for voice? Because it’s scary and dull? That’s the concerns of a couple of investors who chose not to chuck money at Anchor, the app that’s got everyone excited at SXSW. But plenty have and here’s what’s got them all hot and sweaty.

7. Do you have a mortgage? ‘Course you do. Do you know what “mortgage” means”? If not, Chris Weller at Tech Insider has this depressing factoid for you. The hint lies in the first syllable “mort”, or “death” in Old French and Latin. So congratulations – you’ve just signed a “death pledge” with your bank.

8. Sport story. We’d love to rave about Chris Gayle’s blistering 48-ball century in the World Cup, but there’s more fun to be had with Oklahoma City Thunder’s Steven Adams. Regular readers might recall our updates on Steph Curry’s teammates not waiting for him to actually score before celebrating:

Yesterday, in Thunder’s 34-point win over the Trailblazers, Adams tried to show Kevin Durant he rated him at least as highly as Curry… and Durant let him down:

I could watch that all day.

9. March 28 is the day humanity steps into proper virtual reality. The first Oculus Rift headsets arrive for nearly $1000 apiece, plus the costs of a high-end PC to run them on. And here’s a list of the 30 games ready to play, none of which look like they’re actually worth playing or have been made by a notable games company. If you bought a Sega Mega-CD in the 90s, you might be getting an uneasy familiar feeling right now.

10. It shouldn’t be a spoiler to find out a major character died on Game of Thrones. But if you haven’t seen season 5 and care about such things, skip straight to the Bonus Item. Because here’s what Stannis Baratheon (Stephen Dillane) just had to say about being killed by Brienne:

“I did not understand the series, or its success while I was in it… For me to like a role I need to be able to be interested in it, which was really not the case. I was a bit overwhelmed by the events.”

When asked why he did it, Dillane said: “Among other things, for the money.”

BONUS ITEM: One more time:

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