10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Things that don’t end well – the Hindenburg. Picture: RTL, TeamWorx Television & Film

Good morning.

1. Trump is winging it. The President-Elect is making good on his promise that he will wage war on the media, starting yesterday with a tweetstorm against the New York Times for claiming he made off-the-cuff calls to world leaders and had them “scrambling to figure out how and when” to contact him.

He then called a “lid” on his day – a signal to media that he’s in for the day and they can all go home. Then snuck out for a steak dinner and the AP squealed, saying it witnesses the President-Elect’s activities “on behalf of the public”. Hilair. A narcissistic, actively tweeting, steak dinner eating president who randomly calls world leaders probably doesn’t need the AP to help him stay in public view.

2. Goldman Sachs isn’t impressed, however. It says Trump could well “make America great” again, for a few years. But it will come at the rest of the world’s expense. And in these exciting times, something happened to stocks for the first time ever on Monday, and it involves something called the Hindenburg Omen. That can’t be good.

3. Today, though, all is settling down again after a wild week. The Dow and S&P have drifted, along with gold, copper, oil – you name it. So expect the ASX to follow suit – futures traders have it down around 14 points at the open. But that could all change when the nutsy ABS jobs data drops. Here’s as good a guide to that you can hope for.

4. Our chances of living on Mars just passed a big test when the fuel tank that will get us there didn’t explode into a billion bits during testing. That’s good, because this much fuel would make some kind of explosion:

And if we get there in one piece, NASA has just outlined how we’ll breathe.

5. And on Pluto, computer modelling has found that a) it was once hit by a giant asteroid; b) it probably has a subsurface ocean capable of supporting life; and c) that ocean might be made out of booze.

6. Oil! Without it, we’d be all:

So whoever owns the patch where the US Geological Survey (USGS) just pinpointed what could be the largest deposit of untapped oil ever discovered in America is very happy today. It could be worth $US900 billion. And of course, it’s in Texas.

7. Graduating this year? You’ll be joining 181,387 other graduating students jostling for about 5016 full-time graduate jobs going right now. Go to London and drink beer for a year instead. Then come back and check the updated map of where in Australia you’ve got the best chance of finding work. Hint: not WA.

8. Remember that poor little Japanese boy who got kicked out of the car and then had to survive in the forest for weeks? He might become Richard Branson one day. The Brit billionaire says his mum dumped him out of the car at age 6, and it taught him an essential life lesson.

9. Microsoft has now embraced Google, Apple, Samsung and even Linux in one go. We’re not for getting hysterical here at BI, but it’s now clear THE END TIMES ARE HERE.

10. Finally, McLaren has started teasing its successor to its iconic three-seat supercar, the F1. Here’s pretty much all we know right now about the “hyper-car” BP23:

McLaren Bp23McLaren AutomotiveA rendering of the McLaren BP23.

And there’s a new SUV on the market. It’s an Alfa, so you immediately know its going to be a beautiful headache. But the Stelvio also leaves all the other soccer mums in the dust by hitting 100km/h in 3.9 seconds.

BONUS ITEM: Psst. Wanna see a kid get hit by a deer during his school cross country event? Course you do:

“Ooh” indeed. Justin “is doing OK”.

Have a great day.

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