10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

The man who just keeps on giving. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. First, to markets, US earnings season is good, thanks Goldman Sachs. So stocks are lifting and dragging the ASX up. But today’s a big day in Chinese data. Around lunchtime, China’s Q3 GDP data, along with the latest updates of retail sales and industrial production, could kill all the fun. Here’s your 10-second preview. Still, the December SPI 200 is up by another 13 points, so get in early.

2. Bill Gates could have been the next vice president of the USA. WikiLeaks dumped a hacked email overnight which revealed the “first cut” of 39 people the Clinton campaign considered as running mates. Gates is on it, as well as Apple CEO Tim Cook. (Sorry, Mark Cuban.) In Trumpland, The Don says he’ll look forward to meeting with Putin and will say great things about him “if he says great things about me“. Barack Obama just wants him to “stop whining“.

3. Microsoft paid the NFL $US400 million to hand out Surface tablets to coaches. But three years later, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has had enough and went on a five-minute rant about why they don’t work and how he’s going back to paper and pens.

But it may just be that they don’t work for him. Meanwhile, Microsoft has built technology that’s better than a human at understanding a conversation.

4. Samsung can fail even bigger though. It doesn’t get much worse than that moment authorities decided it was a crime to use your brand, like they just did with the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung’s now replacing the phones at airports before people board their planes. Maybe you should try Google’s Pixel. It’s so good, using it had Steve Kovach consider switching from his iPhone for the first time. Here’s his full review.

5. But this. This is technology. A $US1150 crib which automatically calms crying babies back to sleep in minutes. Take all our money, now.

6. NSW got lazier. In the, according to Wikipedia, “somewhat distributed community” of Tumbi Umbi, built on Central Coast swampland, you don’t have to speak to actual people to get your Hungry Jack’s breakfast. You get a Brekk-e-tag, clip it on your windshield, and your favourite order registers as you drive through. Just grab your meal deal and wave your card in the general direction of a human, and go. If it’s successful – and you know it will be – it will be rolled out everywhere.

7. Ever eaten your chips with a tweezer?

Picture: S:t Erik’s

If you were one of the 100 people who bought brewer S:t Eriks’ ultimate beer chips, you would. Because you get five, for $75. Here are the six ingredients which give them their $15 apiece flavour.

8. Here’s how Green Berets are different from US Navy SEALs. Or, if you prefer, why Rambo is better than Charlie Sheen. And here’s why the Japanese Navy is the best navy in Asia. But it doesn’t have a pink fighter jet:

That’s the US Navy’s excellent way to promote breast cancer awareness month.

9. People who do not like cats have control issues, claims one Quora user, who also advises readers to “avoid women who like big dogs”. Another checks the soles of people’s shoes to see which parts are most worn. They both say these are good ways to judge your personality – and here are 8 more.

10. Google’s former HR boss has a really neat formula which can turn any resumé into one that actually stands out. So once you’ve used it to land an interview, here’s how to answer one of the trickiest questions you may be asked – “Would you rather be liked or feared?”

BONUS ITEM: Believe it or not, Queen got better:

That’s from a soon-to-be released album of the group’s collection of BBC recordings Queen on Air. It’s out November 4.

Have a great day.

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