10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Thank you, Bernard. Picture: ABC

Good morning.

1. We’ve got an interesting day ahead. ASX futures suggest a fall of 15 points, 0.3%, when the market opens this morning, but overnight, the action was mostly in postive territory. Only just, but any win’s a win at the moment when the world is on the verge of – as the International Energy Agency puts it – “drowning in oil”. Nymex crude fell 3.33% overnight to $28.44.

2. The Aussie dollar lifted, and you could be forgiven for thinking there’s some correlation going on:

Thomson Reuters.

That’s the benchmark Shanghai Composite in white, rallying hard a couple of times and taking the Aussie dollar from a low of .6837, shown in red, to as high as .6920. So yeah, one to watch again today.

3. Wanna see this get blown up?

Of course you do.

Here’s all the where and why detail.

4. Rafael Nadal is out of the Australian Open, losing to Fernando Verdasco in the first round, who said he “was just closing the eyes and everything was going in”. It’s fuelled concerns Nadal is washed up. And Bernard Tomic survived a first set scare to cruise through his opener, but not without drama. Play was halted for 20 minutes while a woman in the crowd had to be treated with an epipen. Here’s Tomic on that:

Tennis is tennis, sport is sport. But if someone passes out or dies on a tennis court, it can be very, very bad

As Mike Moore would say – “Mmm.”

5. Speaking of “Mmm”, here’s where you can get a delicious In-n-Out burger in Australia, for today only.

6. The World Economic Forum is on in Davos, and you don’t have to pay $20,000 a ticket to see what’s happening, because we have. Here’s the view from our HQ in Switzerland:

Jay Yarow has all the details of the swag bag guests get on arrival, and it’s pretty decent, but the important stuff is already dropping, like stuffs about robots ruining everything and PwC’s 19th Annual Global CEO Survey. And this year’s shows only about a third of Australian CEOs are very confident they will see revenue growth and nearly half expect to be shedding jobs.

7. If your password is on this list, change it immediately. It’s SplashData’s annual list of the world’s worst passwords, and, as always, No 1 is “123456”. But this year we also saw new entries from “starwars”, “princess” and “solo”. Smarten up.

8. Feel sorry for this guy:

Nuclear footballA military aide carries the Football up the stairs of Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base on April 7, 2010.

He has to carry that black briefcase behind the US President everywhere they go, which isn’t great if said president is into jogging, because the case weighs 20kg. It’s called the “the Football” and you can probably already guess what happens next if Obama has to attempt a “Dropkick”.

9. What do March 4, April 15, and April 17 have in common? They’re all dates on which the next season of various brilliant Netflix series start. Plus a bunch of others among the 11 new shows the streaming giant has commissioned for 2016. Here’s when all of them will be released.

10. Awesome PowerPoint presentations do exist. Professional designer Damon Nofar has put one together to prove it, and called it “8 Tips for an Awesome PowerPoint Presentation” just to make sure there’s no confusion. Even better, he’s let us publish it.

BONUS ITEM: Life in Bulgaria just got a little less duller:

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