10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Give your goat show some game. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. To the markets first, where it was a sea of red last night aside from a huge 14.8% show of love for New Zealand’s Dairy Auction. Shanghai stocks crashed after the government appeared to signal it would be reducing support for “lowered risk appetite”, which weighed on hard commodities, sparking a six-year low for copper and dragging down stocks in the US and Europe. But a 15 point rally in the SPI 200 futures contract which suggests the ASX might be able to buck the trend in trade today. Strange.

2. China’s Doomsday, aaany minute now. If we keep saying it, sooner or later, we’ll be right. But Charlene Chu is not dubbed the “rockstar of Chinese debt analysis” for nothing, as money managers the world over who pay thousands for access to her research would attest. BI got a look at her last report which dropped just before the yuan was devalued, and here’s what it said about how doomsday can hit the Chinese economy, and what it will look like.

3. And while we’re China-bashing, here’s Jim Edwards on why, if China’s GDP is so amazing, have prices collapsed in its metals market?

4. Videos! Here’s one that proves US sharks are the worst at trying to eat seals. And here’s one showing US politicians are best at hitting little kids in the face with footballs.

5. Melbourne is still killing it in those “world’s most livable” polls that seem to pop up every month. This time it’s the Economist Intelligence Unit’s turn, and they like Melbourne the most for the fifth year in a row. Sydney makes it in at No 7, but even so, it’s still not Australia’s No 2 city after a surprise entrant snuck through to the top five.

6. To rub it in, Victoria just announced it will get two extra public holidays next year – and one’s just for the footy fans.

7. Millennials aren’t complicated. LinkedIn has just completed extensive global research trying to define Millennials in terms of what they want in credit, loans and general help with money. Here’s what they found:

In a nutshell, they won’t make decisions about their money unless it involves something online, something social media. It sounds simple, but it’s also a game-changer for the rest of us. There’s more here.

8. Facebook will get people to your goat show. “Events” is just about the only feature Facebook hasn’t either dramatically upgraded or ditched. That is, until recently, when Aditya Koolwal, working on News Feed, felt sorry for Events and wrote a proposal to head office for helping it lift off a little. His team has now grown from 3 to 50, and San Francisco’s Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture’s annual goat show has seen visitor numbers grow from 100 to several thousand. And here’s the changes you might have missed, but could make your next event a huge success.

MegabotMegaBot/FacebookMegaBot’s Mark II robot. Yes.

9. Giant fighting robots are finally here. If you were disappointed with Pacific Rim, you need to have a good, hard look at yourself. And then get excited about MegaBot’s 5.5 tonne Mark II robot, which is trying to raise $US1.5 million on Kickstarter to take on the Japanese champion next year. On an aircraft carrier somewhere in the Pacific, ideally.

10. Do you want to work from home? Thanks to microchip technology, it’s not just for freelance writers or graphic designers any more. FlexJobs is an online service which specialises in telecommuting and remote work, and they’ve compiled this list of surprising jobs you don’t have to leave your bedroom for.

BONUS ITEM: Whichever way you cut it, the new Ghostbusters reboot looks extremely dodgy. But at least it has an Aussie in it:

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