10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

He’ll be wax. Picture: YouTube

Good morning. Rug up and get through it – it’s Friday.

1. The Aussie’s post-FOMC meeting rally extended to 2 full cents last night on the back of more US dollar weakness and back over the 78c mark. Not good news for RBA governor Glenn Stevens. Westpac reckons the “actual” Fed tightening will be the game changer that the dollar needs to fall to the low 70s. And the Kiwi dollar has been the worst performing G10 currency over the past month, so here’s how you can help crush it even further.

2. Greg McKenna reckons it’s going to be a better day on the local market today. Or at least it should be given the solid rise in futures last night and the great lead offshore. The question, in a trading perspective, is whether traders, like Greg, are a little sick of the volatility or whether investors, like most people, simply see the moves offshore as a good reason to wander back into the market. He’s going with the latter and sees the market up and through the 200-day moving average today.

3. In Asia yesterday, the Nikkei dropped to a one-month low after the yen strengthened, and looks biased lower, on the back of the Fed signals in the FOMC statement. In Shanghai, it was an even worse day with the market down almost 4%. But the market still hasn’t broken the last 3 months’ uptrend. Watch the 4700/20 level today.

4. Greeks are preparing for the worst as talks between their government and its creditors get the country no closer to solving its debt problem. They’ve withdrawn about 2 billion euros from their banks over the past three days, well up on the average 200-300 million euros a day. It’s surprising they have any money at all – finance minister Yanis Varoufakis posted his reform plea to Eurogroup colleagues on his blog this morning in which he noted what his people had done so far to turn fiscal deficit into a surplus.

  • Wages fell by 37%
  • Pensions were reduced by up to 48%, and
  • State employment diminished by 30%

How’s that for austerity?

5. How to count money. We tend to just pile up the bills here, but there’s a fascinating variety of ways to do it all around the world. Here’s how Russians do it:

YouTubers are loving it and sharing videos of the different styles. Here’s seven more we’ve collated, including some crazy fast Chinese experts.

6. News Corp Australia has shed another boss. Julian Clarke took the job at the end of 2013 when Kim Williams resigned after less than two years in the job. Now it’s Clarke’s turn to walk away just days after Rupert Murdoch named his son James as his own replacement as CEO at 21st Century Fox.

7. You should lie in your job interview. Not biggies, like you can do things you can’t, or worked somewhere you haven’t. But there’s a few half-truths and omissions that won’t cause you grief down the track and are worth considering, says Peter Harris, editor-in-chief of online job board Workopolis. Here’s six he recommends, plus what to do if you get caught.

8. Slow computers are the pits and no one ever believes you when you say they’re why you haven’t done any work today. Instead of waiting for a “new” secondhand one to come down from Sales, here’s 11 ways to make your PC run faster, now.

9. The Pope is telling it like it is on Twitter:

10. Here’s what it’s like to be 15 years old and about to hit off the tee for the first time in the US Open:

Cole Hammer pulled himself together, crushed his drive, knocked his second onto the green and two-putted for an easy par. Top stuff.

BONUS ITEM: People are struggling to tell the difference between a wax statue of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Have a great weekend.

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