10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Hello Australia.

1. Reclaim Australia. The radicals are winning and we are officially fighting against ourselves. Here’s all the ugly scenes from Melbourne’s version of the Cronulla Riots which took place yesterday. Come for the cowards in masks who don’t know the words to their own anthem, stay for the bloke arrested for punching a police horse.

2. Back to civilisation, where Uber is set to be legalised in NSW. There’s reports we’ll hear more today about how NSW premier Mike Baird plans to keep everyone happy in the rise-sharing debate, but for now, according to The Guardian, quoting an exclusive from The Daily Telegraph, we know:

Uber drivers would be required to pay a licence fee, while taxi drivers would receive compensation for losing exclusivity, as the value of their plates drops.

3. To the markets, where, with less than five weeks until Christmas, still no one knows anything. Stocks in the US finished last week by capping a stellar week’s trade, but with the faintest hint of an early rate hike in the US (tonight!), Nick Savone, a Morgan Stanley managing director, sums up feelings perfectly with the phrase “a seemingly random and captivating walk of confusion”. The ASX is doing okay thought, rising 205 points over the week a gain of 4.05%, with futures suggesting just a mildly negative start to trade today.

4. The Australian dollar, on the other hand, starts the week above 72 cents and uncommonly strong after the US dollar hammered the euro and sterling on Friday night and it’s a huge week in data for Australia, with the release of construction work done and private new capital expenditure. You can find it all in the diary for the week ahead.

5. Would you like to know how to go from an intern to a title with “chief” in it? George Hu is here to tell you. He did it in 13 years at Salesforce and while he doesn’t know the secret sauce to cracking the C-suite, he does know there’s one thing every rockstar employee has: this.

6. The edge you need to become a great trader might be in here, in this post about some of the more bizarre habits on Wall Street. Read about one trader who only ate two muffins with jam for lunch every day, the “unlucky” toilet stall, and poor junior trader Andrew Tong, whose boss forced him to eat female hormone tablets.

7. In the future, we’ll be able to send nanobots into brains to extract memories of our dead loved ones.

Then with a bit of DNA sampling of the deceased, we’ll create a convincing virtual version of them and won’t that be comforting? Or a bit, ew. Anyway, it’s something we’re within a decade or two of, according to Google’s genius futurist, Ray Kurzweil, and it’s not even the most mindblowing. Here are eight more of Kurzweil’s visions for the not-too-distant future.

8. Your massive tablet for Christmas. Will it be an iPad Pro, or a Surface 4? Matt Weinberger has now spent a couple of weeks now with both and put together a very comprehensive argument for why the iPad Pro is great, but the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is better for most people.

9. Stephen Colbert interviewed “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” director JJ Abrams at the Montclair Fim Festival on the weekend. We learnt these six things about Abrams, but better, we learnt this one great thing about Colbert – he’s a massive Lord of the Rings fan. We know, because he gave a thorough explanation why “Akallabêth” should be a movie. And “Akallabêth” is part of “The Silmarillion”, which is interminably boring, and only a true LoTR fan would go far into enough to know anything about “Akallabêth”.

10. When you see a mother answering emails on her iPad during her child’s soccer match, or a dad Skyping with a colleague during a picnic with the family, that’s “work-life integration”. It’s sounds awful – welcome to now – but here are 17 execs who have a unique approach to balancing and integrating work and life.

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