10 Things You Need To Know This Morning In Australia

Mick Jagger with his girlfriend L’Wren Scott, who was found dead in New York overnight. Photo: Getty / File

Good morning, and welcome to Tuesday. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Mick Jagger’s long-time girlfriend L’Wren Scott has been found dead in her apartment in New York from an apparent suicide. The Rolling Stones have just arrived in Perth for the start of an Australian tour.
  2. There’s a surge in the intensity of the search for MH370 in areas off Australia. News Corp reports this morning that the Australian Maritime Safety Authority will be searching the deep waters west of Perth in the Southern Indian Ocean today. P-3 Orions are also helping with the search off the northwest of the continent towards the Cocos Islands and Christmas Island. This comes after US investigators, as we reported yesterday, have become increasingly convinced the plane turned towards the area west of Perth. Meanwhile, another far-fetched theory has emerged: that the jet diverted, then found a Singapore Airlines flight passing through the region on a path it wanted to follow – and “shadowed” it as it flew up towards India and Pakistan. Pilots are skeptical; here’s the original blog post outlining the theory.
  3. Scientists announced this morning that they had proved a key part of the Big Bang theory, finding evidence of the incredibly rapid expansion of the universe in the microseconds following its birth. “Inflation”, as it’s known, has been the best explanation for what happened right after the Big Bang – and the significance of its proof is the elimination of other theoretical models and the confirmation of gravitational waves, which were the last untested prediction of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity.
  4. The independent MPs likely to decide which party gets to govern South Australia, Bob Such and Geoff Brock, say they’ll wait until all votes are counted from the weekend’s state election before being able to make a decision. Such had this to say about leaving the state in limbo: “The world’s not going to end, it’s probably better, in a way, that we don’t have a government running things — the public servants will run the show anyway,” he said. Devil and the deep blue sea.
  5. Mohamed El-Erian had a well-publicised exit from his role as co-chief investment officer of PIMCO, the world’s largest bond fund, at the start of the year following a fallout with Bill Gross. He’s still around though, writing a guide to this week’s FOMC meeting for Business Insider, and joining Twitter (@elerianm), sending his first tweets last night.
  6. Twiggy Forrest has brokered a pact between the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Islamic leaders to try and end slavery by 2030.
  7. FiveThirtyEight, the new statistics website set up by former New York Times blogger Nate Silver, is live. Silver is probably most famous for correctly calling every state in the last US presidential election but also has a stunning record with sporting predictions and is using the new site to bring his approach to bear on economics and daily life too. Worth a look.
  8. A reporter at the L.A. Times has developed an algorithm to write and publish news stories about earthquakes automatically, based on email alerts from the USGS. We’ve got the details here.
  9. Former James Packer adviser and Microsoft executive Daniel Petre is preparing to launch a $50 million technology investment fund, according to a report in the AFR.
  10. Rupert Murdoch has called for Irish people to boycott Guinness – yes, you read that right – after the brewer pulled it sponsorship of the New York St Patrick’s Day parade because it excludes the gay community. The News Corp CEO tweeted he hoped “all Irish boycott the stuff”.

Bonus item: People rave about AirBnB, the platform that allows you to rent your property for short periods to people online. But this New Yorker won’t be, after $US86,000 of damage was done to his apartment when it was rented by people planning to hold a “XXX freak fest” while he was out.

Have a cracking day. I’m on Twitter: @colgo.

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