10 Things You Need To Know This Morning In Australia

The person formerly known as Mr Katy Perry. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning. Here’s your head-start.

First, to the markets.

1. In Asia yesterday, the bulls roared again in Shanghai where the SHCOMP is now well and truly back through 3000. This morning’s Fed move will help the region today. At the close, the Nikkei was up 0.39% to 16,820, the Hang Seng Index was down 0.37% and the Shanghai Composite was up 1.31% to 3,061.

2. Locally on the ASX, SPI 200 futures contract traders have taken prices up 49 points to 5,167 as a precursor to what looks like a solid day’s trade when the physical market opens. There’s nothing of note out in Australia datawise.

3. The Aussie crashed early this morning, having rallied back above 82 cents post-FOMC. It’s plumbing new lows in the 0.8130s at the moment and unlikely to move more than a cent either side of that through thin Christmas markets.

4. A bigger 2015. Credit Suisse used Twitter to announce it expects “Aussie equities to rally to 6,000 on the ASX 200 by Dec”. Based on yesterday’s close of S&P ASX 200 5,161.90, that’s a healthy 16.2% rise for the year. Among their reasons were strong global growth and low interest rates in Australia reducing the amount of new shares coming on to the market.

5. Russell Brand’s pop at Tony Abbott. The UK comedian says media coverage of the Lindt siege which linked gunman Man Haron Monis to terrorism was irresponsible. Brand, when in political activist mode, hosts a YouTube series on his channel called The Trews. Last night, posting from his bed in a dressing gown, he said terrorists usually had an objective, yet Monis “just wanted a flag and a chat with Abbott”.

“By us labelling him a terrorist as opposed to a dangerous mentally ill … and by allowing him to set the agenda of ‘I’m doing this on behalf of Islam’, it gives a certain grandeur to nihilistic and violent actions but what’s more interesting than the actions of a mentally ill person is the response of the political establishment.”

6. While we’re on Brand, an RBS analyst had a few things to say about the moment last week when the comic-slash-wannabe revolutionary stormed the bank’s London headquarters last week. Such as “you got the wrong f..king building” and “some of these millionaire traders you despise… are nearly as rich as you, Russell”. Here’s his full, open, smackdown letter to the former husband of Katy Perry.

7. How not to exit a plane quickly. Do you jump up and open your locker as soon as the seatbelt light goes off? Or do you prefer to play it cool and wait in your seat for the queue to move? Neither? Then maybe you’re the passenger onboard a China Eastern Airlines plane last week who triggered the emergency slide because he wanted to “get off the plane quicker”. Instead, everyone had to sit down for two hours and the airline’s thinking of making him cough up the $16,000 replacement bill. There’s also the not insignificant matter of the Chinese Government’s recent crackdown on citizens who tarnish the nation’s reputation.

8. The change in jobs. According to LinkedIn, these are the top 10 skills that got people jobs this year:

1. Statistics Analysis and Data Mining
2. Middleware and Integration Software
3. Storage Systems and Management
4. Network and Information Security
5. SEO/SEM Marketing
6. Business Intelligence
7. Mobile Development
8. Web Architecture and Development Framework
9. Algorithm Design
10. Perl/Python/Ruby

Whatever happened to “get yourself a trade”?

9. How to win at life… if you’re lucky enough to still be in your 20s. When John Brennan was, he built and sold a startup for maybe a couple of million dollars. Enough to sit back and think about how he got to that point and where to from here. It resulted in this whopping 163-point slideshow. Half is business advice, half is life advice, all is worth a look.

10. While we’re on a roll with the lists, there’s just 12 days left of 2014. And because we’re BI and first with everything (right?), we’ve jumped the gun to bring you 55 Amazing Things That Happened in 2014. And there’s still Christmas and the Boxing Day Test to go!

BONUS ITEM: Whitney Beseler kicked off Millionaire Hot Seat’s episode by not answering the opening $100 question correctly. Ouch.

Nope. Picture: Channel Nine.

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