10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Photo by Riccardo Savi/Getty Images for International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity

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1. Facebook’s upcoming cryptocurrency Libra aims to become a global payment system by 2020 but there’s catch – 1.4 billion Chinese and 1.35 billion Indians won’t have access to it. While the cryptocurrency promises to offer convenience and stability, not everyone is happy that Facebook is involved. Further, the US Democrats are calling for the project to be put on hold until regulators have assessed it.

2. Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard shared a heartfelt note she received from a stranger on a plane. The note expressed the impact Gillard had during her time as the first female prime minister of Australia, with the stranger writing, “You smashed that glass ceiling out of the park for so many of us.”

3. US President Donald Trump has kicked off his 2020 re-election campaign in Orlando, Florida. He promised to cure cancer, eradicate AIDS, and put an American on Mars.

4. Qantas is set to announce major changes to its Frequent Flyer scheme. It has been described as “the biggest overhaul to the airline’s loyalty program in its 32 year history”.

5. Brisbane based food delivery company Youfoodz has been accused of not paying superannuation to some of its employees. Staffers claim the company owes nearly $50,000 in contributions.

6. A Samsung executive has claimed the company’s Galaxy Fold smartphone is “ready to hit the market” after reviewers had issues with its display. While most of the issues have been “ironed out” the phone’s new release date is yet to be announced.

7. Discounted airport transfers for NRMA Blue members.Travel comparison company Jayride has signed a deal with road assistance and insurance company NRMA to provide users a discount on the fixed-price rate of airport transfers around the world.

8. Chennai, one of India’s largest cities, is running out of water, forcing residents to wait in long lines to receive water from government tanks. Some businesses have even shut down operations.

9. Hopes of a de-escalation in the US-China trade dispute have sent Australian shares soaring. It comes after both countries agreed to hold talks amid the G20 meeting in Japan next week.

10. Youtube is reportedly considering new changes in response to child safety concerns. Executives of the video platform are looking at moving all children’s content to the secondary app, YouTube Kids.


A photo of a giant spider eating a small possum in Tasmania has gone viral, inducing nightmares around the world.

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