10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Fools. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. There have been 30 mass shootings in the US this year. That’s one every day and a half. You’re now more likely to die from gun violence in the US than you are riding in a car. Here are the latest 17 victims – schoolkids and staff – added to the list. And here’s our coverage of the Florida atrocity so far:

2. And before anyone goes about making statements about gun violence in Australia, we still have bikies. And one former one, Mick Hawi, was shot six times and killed outside a gym in Rockdale, Sydney yesterday. Hawi spent five years in jail for his involvement in the killing of Anthony Zervas in Sydney Airport in 2009.

3. US stocks made it five straight days of gains. Buy the dip, says Citibank. And it looks like another solid session for the ASX200, if March futures are anything to go by. The Aussie dollar slipped against most major currencies overnight, but is still holding comfortably above US79 cents.

4. Bitcoin cleared $US10,000. Crypto expert Tom Lee reckons it’s now headed for “record highs” by July.

5. Australia’s Prime Minister banned his fellow ministers from having sex with their staff. Sorry for ruining your breakfast.

6. Starman fans having been watching their hero pilot his Tesla Roadster through space bat 40,000km/h:

Now scientists are trying to figure out where he’ll crash, maybe in 3 million years or so. And they say Earth, probably. We’ll get a good close look at him when he returns to our orbit in 2091.

7. Wikileaks got leaked. A former volunteer released 10,000 private messages from founder Julian Assange. Here’s where he stands on Russia, the Jewish people, women, being a victim and Hillary Clinton, who he claims “helped to sew the foundation for ISIS”.

8. In the Winter Olympics, a snowboarder broke his neck during the cross event in a horrifying crash – and finished the race. A figure skater dropped her phone in a non-flushed toilet – and still won bronze. Mr T thinks curling is cool, fool. A Spanish snowboarder is the new Steven Bradbury. And hey, Channel 7, 1952 called…

9. Amazon is now bigger than Microsoft. It’s share price rose last night, pushing it into third place behind only Apple and Alphabet as the biggest three US companies by market value. That’s why it can afford to offer workers $US5000 to quit. Here’s why “The Offer” is such brilliant move.

10. Why are human breasts so big? Even the little ones. This is a legitimate question, with an interesting answer.

BONUS ITEM: Why it’s perfectly okay to have a conversation about breasts on Business Insider:

Have a great weekend.

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