10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

If you need to bet on anything, bet on a Verstappen crash. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning.

1. The Emmys will be handed out today and for the first time since 2011, Game of Thrones won’t get a single nod. Not even a nomination, because it missed the eligibility period by 17 days. The red carpet rollout began at 6am AEST, the main event starts at 10am. We’ll have full coverage, but here are our 17 predictions for who will win the big ones, and should have won instead.

2. On markets, the local looks set for a solid start, according to ASX200 Futures traders who’ve marked it up for the open on a strong lead from the US on Friday. The UK pound hit its highest level since last year’s Brexit vote, but the Aussie is broadly unchanged, hovering around the US80c mark. Iron ore is on the wane, UK 10-year notes are on the move thanks to a hawkish BoE, and Bitcoin bounced back 15% on the weekend.

3. The US Fed is getting ready for its “biggest meeting of the year”. It’s expected to begin unwinding its $US4.4 billion QE policy, which essentially began during the Great Depression. So Wednesday’s night meeting, which could carry a big rate announcement, will be watched keenly. The minutes from our own Reserve Bank’s September meeting will be released tomorrow at 11:30am AEST, but there will probably be more interest in a speech by RBA governor Philip Lowe in Perth on Thursday (3:10pm AEST), curiously titled “The Next Chapter”. Keep on top of all the big announcements right now – here’s Sam Jacobs’ data diary for the week.

4. What’s it like to drive a $600,000 Aston Martin? It’s like driving a $600,000 Aston Martin. Our editor Paul Colgan knows because he got given one to pootle about Sydney in, with the speedo needle pointing depressingly, directly down at 60km/h all the time. And then he had to get back into the family 7-seat Kia Sorrento, after spending hours of key-goes-in, key-comes-out moments alone with the Vanquish S in his driveway:

A post shared by Paul Colgan (@colgo) on

Here’s why Paul’s life will never be the same again.

5. The US president was bored, between 7.40am and 9.05am yesterday morning. We know because he retweeted this:

And posted or retweeted 14 other posts, in which he called Kim Jong Un “Rocket Man”, attacked the failing New York Times, and shared pics of himself generally being great. There is absolutely no question that the USA, for so long the big, noisy rich kid in the playground, has found its perfect president.

6. If you’re ever on set during a photo shoot that involves food, don’t eat the burrito, because it could be superglued shut. The chocolate might actually be laundry powder, and you’ll just get glycerin all over your hands if you reach for that cold drink. And here are seven other crazy tricks the pros use to make their pictures look delicious.

7. Do you have too much stuff? It might actually be making you unhappy. You might even need to take the “minimalisation challenge” and dump one item on Day One, two items on Day Two, and so on for 30 days, until you’ve got rid of 465 things. Madeleine Perkins tried it – and failed.

8. If you work in an office, you’re probably facing the prospect of an inefficient, dull Monday morning meeting sometime in the next half-hour. If this is you:

Scott adams with dilbertS. MilesCourtesy of Scott Adams

You’ll enjoy Dilbert creator Scott Adams’ nine other favourite Dilbert strips from the legendary long-running series. Cheer up.

9. A group of astronauts returned from an eight-month stay on Mars. But not really. Six scientists – four men and two women – lived in a dome the size of a two-bedroom house on a plain under a volcano in Hawaii to see how their brains and bodies could cope with it all. They ate canned food and dried fruit, wore sensors which told researchers when things were getting shouty in the house, and could escape to a VR world when they needed a break.

10. In the football, you don’t have to be a genius to think the Tigers, Storm and Dustin Martin (AFL, NRL, AFL Brownlow Medal) could all be big winners in the next two weeks. But you’d definitely be feeling pretty good if you’d rolled them all into a $173 multi-bet back in April and were now a real chance of a $225,000 payout. Unless, like one unfortunate punter with the TAB, you got cold feet in Round 15 and took the cashout option – of $498.70.

BONUS ITEM: If you’re going to post a video of yet another Max Verstappen’s first lap crash, you may as well throw in some Celine Dion:

Have a great day.

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