10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Still better than UKIP. Picture: 20th Century Fox

Good morning.

1. Markets, where oil went berserk on the new supply cut deal between OPEC and the Russians. That driving US markets higher, taking the S&P500 to a new record above 2400. The US dollar got dragged down and the Aussie lifted. And with iron ore finding support, things are looking rosy on the ASX. June SPI futures had the ASX200 17 points up earlier today.

2. US President Donald Trump hosted the Russian foreign minister and ambassador in an Oval Office meeting last week and things got so friendly, he told them some juicy stuff he’d learnt about ISIS from a key source. Only he didn’t have permission to share it, and it was intel that even US allies weren’t aware of. And here’s an insight into what drives Trump from a journalist who recently interviewed him.

3. If people say globalisation has ruined their lives, they are telling the truth. That’s the verdict of none other than Oxford University’s professor of globalisation and development, Ian Goldin, who is visiting Australia and joined us for a fascinating discussion on the political fissures sweeping the world and the impacts of technological change. He believes artificial intelligence and machine learning are a revolution comparable to Europe’s Renaissance period, but notes that “ended in tears”. He believes the world is on the brink of a “premature de-industrialisation” that could crush emerging economies. You can the entire sobering discussion on iTunes, or listen in here:

4. Most Australians will switch to shopping online if they get next-day delivery. 63% of them, in fact, but only 54% of Australian businesses surveyed recently said they had “no plans” to offer such a service. Because it’s not like that worked for Amazon. Oh, wait:

Amazon price return

It’s been 20 years to the day since the “Country Killer” now on its way to Australia went public.

5. Bill Gates knows something about making smart choices for your future. So if you’re wondering what to study at uni next year, here’s what Gates said he would be studying if he were you right now.

5. “A bunch of lawyers” are looking over it, but a contract for a fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather is on the table. They’ll both earn at least $US75 million, which is particularly good for McGregor, because the chances are great he’ll also need to hire a bunch of surgeons to recover from an almighty beating, according to this analyst.

6. Here’s one for the golfers:

Sports CoD 5 15 17 2

J.B. Holmes was tied for first on the final day of The Players Championship. He shot a 12-over 84. We’ve all been there.

8. Hackers just can’t help themselves. Just a couple of days after demanding Windows users pay a ransom they had never heard of, before being beaten by a self-taught coder who still lives with his mum, they’ve now got hold of an “unreleased Disney movie” and are threatening to release it if Disney doesn’t pony up. Disney won’t say what the movie is, but Deadline reckons it’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”.

9. An F-35 pilot admitted that Russian and Chinese radars can spot his plane, despite the US spent hundreds of billions of dollars on ensuring they wouldn’t be able to spot it. But this is why he says it’s Russia and China that have done their dough.

10. British Labour MPs quietly believe the party will lose 120 seats in the general election. That would leave them with just 112 seats in a 650-seat parliament. The scary thought is, who fills the gap? Theresa May is doing her best to ensure it won’t be the Tories, by sticking to her pledge to bring back fox-hunting. She’s never actually been fox hunting, or shot a fox, but she thinks it’s probably less cruel than other ways of killing them.

BONUS ITEM: Found footage – that time in 1974 when Domino’s refused to accept an order from a computer four times:

Have a great day.

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