10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

We’re trying to watch the tennis here. Picture: Columbia Pictures

Good morning.

1. Amazon is a lock. At midnight, the online juggernaut confirmed it will bring its retail arm to Australia, and it will definitely have an effect on just about every other big retailer already here. Morgan Stanley doesn’t call it the “Country Killer” for nothing. We’ll start seeing some increased online services rolling out in July, and while Amazon didn’t give a launch date, the big play is expected to be here by September. Here’s all we know about how things will change.

2. Morgan Stanley says Amazon’s arrival hangs “like the Sword of Damocles over corporate Australia”. But not all businesses will be threatened – here’s how small companies are turning over some big bucks on Amazon Marketplace.

3. To markets, and here’s a good place to start – it’s JPMorgan’s guide to the Australian market right now. The ASX closed down yesterday, with banks leading the fall, and Futures point to a slow opening today, down 13 points. The Aussie dollar is stuck below 75 cents but iron ore staged a small comeback.

4. Iran released footage of its fifth-generation “stealth fighter”, the Qaher F-313. We’re still waiting for the Q-313 from 2013 to actually get in the air, so here are all the reasons the F-313 is hilarious as well.

5. We just got a sign that the US intelligence community believes the Trump dossier is legitimate. Well, a part of it. The part that deals with former Trump foreign policy advisor Carter Page, who was already on the FBI’s radar anyway. Over at the White House, press secretary and New England Patriots fan Sean Spicer got a surprise visitor:

That was Patriots star Rob Gronkowski asking Spicer if he needed some help. Spicer seemed genuinely surprised.

6. Someone also crashed a professional tennis match in Florida. Someone having sex. Loud sex, in an apartment next door to the James T. Driscoll Stadium. Here’s the footage of how the players dealt with it, but you can’t hear the loud sex, no matter how much you turn up the volume. Apparently.

Editor’s note: You can definitely hear it with good headphones.

7. Future tech is here. Someone actually got a Star Trek “tricorder” to market. That’s the handheld device they use in space to instantly diagnose patients. And brothers Basil and George Harris collected $US2.6 million from Google for cracking the Tricorder X Prize challenge.

8. Facebook keeps all its future tech under wraps in “Building 8”. But its boffs just teased a couple of little projects they’re working on at the F8 developers conference. Namely, mind-reading and typing 100 words per minute using just brain waves. Oh, and something about “hearing with your skin”.

9. The blast site left after the US dropped the Mother Of All Bombs in Afghanistan is still off-limits, but some accounts of the damage (“success”) of the strike are rolling in. Up to 96 ISIS fighters were blown away, and it’s possible 13 of them were commanders. That’s about $1700 a terrorist.

10. This could wipe out a few as well:

it’s whizzing past the Earth, missing us by about 1.8 million km

BONUS ITEM: Why have a chainsaw and a trike when you can have a chainsaw trike? The action starts at 3 mins.

Have a great day.

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