10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. The US Fed hiked. Here’s the dot plot and here’s Janet Yellen saying there’s more to come. Markets loved it, and SPI Futures pinged the ASX for a strong opening today. The Australian dollar just logged its largest gain in nearly two years and Westpac sees further strength ahead against the euro. Fortescue is set to rise on a revised iron ore outlook just as the capricious commodity blasts back above $90 a tonne. And it’s Jobs Day today – here’s your 10-second guide to the release at 11.30am.

2. The march of the far-right got checked overnight. Dutch anti-Islamicists the Party for Freedom came up short in national election exit polls, with Geert Wilders’ push snaring 19 seats, well behind center-right VVD Party’s 31 seats. Next up, the semi-final – Marine Le Pen in France in May, before the big one, Alternative for Germany, sets for its parliamentary debut in September’s grand final.

3. So, what happened to Tony Lockett? Everyone had a theory yesterday about how the greatest goalkicking pie-eater in AFL history dropped about half his weight when he showed up at a Swans’ training session:

Plugger was still at his playing weight when he toured the MCG before 2015’s Grand Final. But the Herald Sun reveals he shed a tonne in the last year getting fit for a 12,750km ride around Australia.

4. Everyone’s getting excited for the Blu-ray release of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”, hoping that it may have squeezed in all those deleted scenes that were cut in the reshoot. Especially this moment where Jyn fights a TIE fighter:

Rogue One – Jyn Erso vs Tie-Fighter

Sorry. Director Garth Edwards just told the crowd at SXSW it’s not that simple. The DVDs will hit stores on April 4.

5. Australian housing, particularly in Melbourne and Sydney, is overvalued by a giddying margin. Shane Oliver,chief economist at AMP Capital, has all the studies that say so, but he also says don’t expect the crash to come any time soon. Only a rate rise can stop it all now, and that’s unlikely until late 2018. And it will take a recession before we see a crash, he says.

6. Real explosions. Between 1945 and 1962, the US detonated more than 1000 nuclear weapons in tests designed to see what would happen if they landed on Russia. Now, 65 years later, the videos of those explosions have been declassified and are filling up YouTube as we speak:

LLNL has the ultimate playlist, including this jawdropping vision of what happens when you detonate a nuke midair. Fill your boots here.

7. Moar power. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will today reveal plans for a $2 billion expansion of the iconic Snowy Hydro scheme. It could increase the scheme’s 4100 megawatt capacity by as much as 50 per cent and power up to 500,000 homes through a new network of tunnels and power stations.

8. Want to know what it’s like to stand in an active volcano? Here, look around:

Google told two staffers, George Mackley and Chris Horsly, they wouldn’t get paid unless they climbed into a crater on the island of Ambryn, in the South Pacific Ocean. It was worth it.

9. If you think Facebook’s attempts to copy Snapchat are clumsy, you don’t understand what’s going on. So says Jim Edwards, who crunched Facebook’s massive numbers, made a great analogy about tacks and flat tyres, and realised Zuckerberg only needs to convince half a per cent of Facebook users to prefer its crappy tools to put a big, big dent in Snapchat.

10. Trump’s leaked tax return reveals how ‘The Apprentice’ helped make him a lot richer. But the US President had bigger fish to fry. He took issue with Snoop Dogg and his “failing career” after the rapper released a video in which he shot a clown dressed as Donald Trump:

Senator Marco Rubio had his leader’s back, telling TMZ Snoop “should not have done that” and it might give someone “the wrong idea”.

BONUS ITEM: Watch the locals clear out and not tell the tourist what’s coming:

You people.

Have a great day.

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