10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Robots will never replace humans. Promise. Picture: HBO

Good morning.

1. The Trump “blackmail” dossier looks like “low-quality intelligence”. Jim Edwards spoke to two CIA veterans and an MI5 veteran about the 35-page document published by BuzzFeed last week which alleges the President-Elect has been filmed cavorting with prostitutes in a Moscow hotel. All three were less than impressed. In a nutshell, they say it:

Russian President Vladimir Putin reckons the people behind the release are “worse than prostitutes”. Worse than prostitutes.

2. Two days before he gets the official lapel pin, Trump is looking like he’ll become the lowest rated incoming president in modern history. Yes, it’s another poll. This one says he’s got a 40% approval rating right now. Even George W Bush got to 61% during the transition period. Trump, of course, says the polls are rigged.

3. Markets. US stocks were down across the board and the greenback tumbled after Trump said it was “too strong” to allow US companies to be competitive. The Aussie took flight on that and at .7566, the AUD/USD is at the highest level since November 16 and March SPI 200 futures are down 9 points as we head for the open. Iron ore stumbled.

4. Theresa May’s Brexit speech was kind of epic, full of stirringly old-fashioned national pride and mustn’t grumbles. You can read her speech in full here, or get the 12-point breakdown as it was released on Twitter here.

Oh, and there’s something in it for Australia too.

5. How much would it cost to buy the White House? It’s only gained 15% in value during Barack Obama’s time in office, but we’re going to make you click to find out exactly what it’s worth. Suffice to say, any of these eight men could buy it 100 times over – their value is equal to 50% of the world’s income combined.

6. A study on the friendship network of couples of Facebook revealed a trait that showed the pair were 50% more likely to have broken up 60 days later. It’s one of 7 signs your relationship is failing – even if it doesn’t feel like it. Sorry.

7. Iraqi government forces are slowly but surely taking Mosul back from ISIS. And if you want to watch them do it, the war is being broadcast by Maj. Gen. Joseph M. Martin on Facebook:

In the full video, Martin’s team can be seen making their way through Mosul’s streets, engaging in firefights. Flick straight to the 2:40 mark for the rocket-propelled grenade action.

8. We got this. In Davos, there’s talk about the World Economic Forum’s report which claims the biggest risk in 2017 is people losing their jobs to robots. But fear not – 80% of companies that are adopting artificial intelligence have pledged that they will still retain and retrain existing staff. And in Pittsburgh, the humans are making a comeback after six days of battling poker bot Libratus in an epic No-Limit Heads-Up Texas Hold ’em poker battle.

9. Ouch. A landmark national study by University of Melbourne researchers into deaths from venomous bites and stings has found a new champion for the title of Australia’s deadliest animal.

10. Stressed? Take the family to Canada where the Backyard Axe-Throwing League is for everybody. Just watching other people do it is therapy.

BONUS ITEM: Parkour, drones and video games combine to mesmerise, amuse and delight:

Have a great day.

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