10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Goat Life hillGet away from it all. Picture: Tim Bowditch

Good morning.

1. Are you worried that all your workmates have secretly negotiated a much higher wage than you? Haven’t had a pay rise for 10 years? Actually don’t have a clue how much you should be getting paid? Online job search engine Adzuna now has a tool which looks at your CV, then estimates your current market salary from it. If you’re brave, press the “Email my boss” button then watch through the glass partition as he spits coffee all over his laptop and doubles over laughing, before firing you:

Try it here.

2. To markets, and it’s RBA Minutes day here in Australia, which is interesting if you’re one of the traders who’ve pencilled in more rate cuts to 1% or even further. The Minutes are out at 11.30am and the Aussie dollar, which rose above 73 cents at one point last night, is back in the 0.7280s and waiting for some hint of what board members are thinking. A rally in the US and crude oil has lifted the SPI 200 44 points higher, suggesting a gain of 0.9% to build on yesterday’s unexpected rally on the ASX.

3. Over the past few years we’ve seen China quickly, and quite openly, take control of the South China Sea, even building new islands on which to place military assets. We’ve watched as the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) added new missiles, warships, aircraft, cyber warfare capabilities and space weaponry to its arsenal. And we’ve seen attempts shift its oil dependency from across the South China Sea to secure pipelines from Russia and Kazakhstan. Now, the Pentagon has confirmed it in its latest annual assessment of the PLA – China is restructuring itself for war.

4. Romaldo Giurgola has died. You might know him better as “Aldo”, the architect who designed Australia’s new Parliament House in the 1980s. It’s an unforgettable addition to the Australian urban landscape, but certainly not the only from the two-time Sir Zelman Cowen Award. He was 95.

5. We’ve reached Peak Youth, almost. This chart shared by a Bank of America Merrill Lynch shows that in 2020, there will be more elderly people than young children for the first time in human history:

Here’s why that’s kind of a big deal.

6. Snapchat is expanding. It started in 2011 in a bright blue 560 square metre beach house in Venice, California. In 2015, it expanded to a 2300 sq m loft space and by mid-year, it had a 10-year lease on a 4360 sq m office complex. This week, it signed a $US15 million, five-year lease on a 7430 sq m space at Santa Monica Airport – including eight aeroplane hangers.

7. Ever wondered why Prince changed his name to “O(+>”? (Or, before we get to that, remember how journalists never got emoticons and had to write it as “Symbol”?) He actually hid an explanation for it at the time on his first website, thedawn.com, but the letter to fans got pulled down. Tech blogger Anil Dash has tracked it down and here it is – a rare glimpse inside the artist’s thinking about his own career.

8. You all seemed to like Goat Man. So here’s an update on Thomas Thwaites, who wore prosthetic limbs, hung out with a herd on a mountainside, and even ate grass. Now we’ve learnt Thwaites searched for, but couldn’t find, a technological way to turn off his ability to understand speech, and caught one goat faking an injury so it didn’t have to hang out with other goats.

9. Yeesh. Tiger Woods hit his first few real shots in public for months in the lead-up to a tournament this weekend he host every year for his foundation:

Three in the drink. But Woods is adamant his game “is coming around”. “People have written me off, I’m not that part, you know, I’m not fertiliser,” he said.

10. Here’s some big names in Sydney tech – Atlassian, Canva, LinkedIn, Airbnb, Tyro, Prospa, Airtree Ventures, Reinventure, Blackbird Ventures. And they’re trying to rescue Sydney from its freefall down the ranks of the world’s best startup ecosystems by backing a new not-for-profit group TechSydney, which hopes to create a Silicon Valley styled precinct in the city.

BONUS ITEM: We’ve reached peak something else. But I don’t want to think about what it is:

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