10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Old heroes never die. Picture: Lucasfilm

Good morning.

1. To markets, where everything’s sort of on hold for 24 hours. That’s because at 5am tomorrow, we’ll get some kind of announcement from the US Fed about rates. No one’s counting on a move, but the dot point graph of where members expect rates to go and when should be interesting. So the Dow eked out another small gain, the S&P 500 dipped a few points and the SPI200 futures suggest a mildly negative bias when the ASX opens this morning.

2. Iron ore has undone all its good work. After recording the largest single-day increase ever last Monday, it’s lost seven hands in a row – 17% in total – to once again dip below that rally’s highs. David Scutt reckoned it seemed all a little too good to be true. And it was.

3. Here’s an apartment window you can walk on:

With the push of a button, the Bloomframe window turns into a fully functional balcony, and will soon be used in a new housing project in Amsterdam. Neat. Unless you hate cleaning windows.

4. Donald Trump is a boofhead. Just look at him eating a pork chop on a stick:

Donald trump fair pork chop stickWin McNamee/Getty ImagesDonald Trump eats a pork chop on a stick at the Iowa State Fair.

His apartments are awful, according to Josh Barro:

You are not supposed to want an apartment that is covered in pink marble and dipped in brass. This is tacky. It is gauche. And yet, Trump apartments sell, because lots of people have terrible taste…

Trump steaks. Trump wine. Trump vodka. Trump golf. All abominations. But horrifyingly, it seems there’s a market for it in politics. Here’s Barro on why this “Guilty Pleasure” candidate could win.

5. Something’s eating Pluto. NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has sent back images of a 430km-wide “bite mark” on the planet’s surface – and they can’t explain how it got there.

6. Oh, China. The Center for Strategic and International Studies’ Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative has a report saying the South China Sea will be nothing but a “Chinese lake” by 2030. If you don’t believe them, check out this interactive map for an alarming wake-up call.

7. Indy is back. Disney has confirmed there will be a fifth Indiana Jones movie, which is slated to come out July 19, 2019.


By that time, Harrison Ford will be 76, and yes, he will be sporting the fedora and whip. At least until he’s most likely killed so Disney can kick the franchise down the road with a hot new star.

8. BMW turns 100 this year. Last week, to be precise. And to celebrate, it gave the crayons to its concept team and they came up with this “car of the future”, which changes shape like the bad Terminator.

9. Do you want a tough phone? Then maybe you should plump for an iPhone. Mobile phone insurance company Square Trade performed a bunch of tests to see how the iPhone 6S squared off against the new Galaxy S7, including sticking them in a tumbler:

The iPhone came out mostly on top, but the Galaxy won in one key area, hands-down.

10. Do you kids hate your cooking? Then starve the little buggers – they’ll eat it eventually. That’s the advice of Curtis Stone, the US-based Australian celebrity chef and father of two:

“Say you make a fish pie and the kids won’t eat it; I’d wrap it up, put it away and offer it again later when they’re hungry.”

Best listen to him. He is, after all, the world’s highest paid chef, raking in about $46 million last year. Yes, you read that right.

BONUS ITEM: Sorcery!

But very popular sorcery. Polycave’s cellar bar video is their first on Facebook, and it’s pulled 6 million views in a week.

Have a great day.

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