10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning. And Happy 30 Million Followers, Kim Kardashian.

1. All the talk of Sydney house prices has got the RBA and APRA rattled. But the RBA might just have the biggest stick possible to slow banks’ “risky” lending – transparency. Here’s how it works.

2. To the markets, where the ASX was under pressure yesterday but last night’s weak data from the US will be a boon. And if the Fed is dovish this week, stocks will head higher once again. Another thing worth considering is the $25 billion in dividends which will be paid out in the next month. Will that money be put back to work in the market? If so, at worst it should support and at best, we’ll see a topside break of the channel you can see in this chart from Greg McKenna’s Go Markets afternoon trading report.

3. On the data front today, the RBA Minutes at 11.30am are the big event locally. Traders, economists and pundits will be poring all over them to see whether the RBA is making a choice between the dollar and housing and whether rate cuts will be further delayed.

4. Christopher Pyne has a new nickname. The Education Minister yesterday backed away from the threat that 1700 scientists would lose their jobs, announcing that he will separate the $150 million for science funding from the rest of the government’s education reforms. “How?” asked Sky News’ David Speers. Pyne replied:

“I’ve dealt with it. I fixed it. I’m a fixer. I’ve fixed it by funding it in another way…”

He’ll reveal more closer to budget time. Here’s hoping The Fixer isn’t about to become The Cleaner…

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger visited Melbourne for the F1. Then he spent the weekend riding around Melbourne on a bicycle. Look:

6. Never miss your child’s live birth ever again. Sometimes life gets in the way of being able to front up for important events. You might be in a war somewhere, passing lifechanging legislation or two holes away from breaking par. But the new VR headsets mean you can wet the baby’s head with your mates at the pub literally as the little tyke enters the world. Samsung showed this Aussie FIFO dad how it works and things got a little teary.

7. How do superheroes get their jobs? The Avengers are the ultimate team, but their special chemistry wasn’t just some Hollywood creation. A look back over their work experience reveals 10 valuable lessons for anyone looking to progress their career, including why you need to do your research and how lying about your work history can come back to bite you in the spandex.

8. Marcus Blackmore is the chairman of the leading Australian vitamin and natural health company that bears his name. Earlier this week, he decided he wanted to reduce his personal debt and buy that new yacht he’s had his eye on. So he thought his shareholders might want to know exactly why he’s dumping a heap of his own shares:

9. The new Microsoft Office is nearly here. Companies are getting this first look at Office 2016 right now, along with Windows developers. There’s a few geek changes, such as better data loss protection and faster patching, but some key changes include making Outlook faster yet smaller, so email messages load quicker but take up less storage, and no changes to macros. That means the update won’t impact all those important, programmed Excel spreadsheets or Word documents turned into forms. Oh, and of course, it will all be touch-friendly.

10. We noted yesterday how the Melbourne F1 was a massive yawnfest. We were wrong – it was actually a hot mess, according to Benjamin Zhang, who devoted his entire weekend wrap of motorsports to the millionaire open-wheel warriors. Here’s his excellent rundown on why we should have been paying more attention.

BONUS ITEM: Finland has a penalty system in which the amount you pay for a speeding fine is related to your income. Businessman Reima Kuisla was recently caught hooning along at 65 miles per hour in a 50 zone. It cost him $74,000.

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