10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning.

1. China. Pfft. RBA governor Glenn Stevens pretty much told us all to pull our heads in and start controlling the controllables in an interview with the AFR this morning. “No one grows as fast as they were indefinitely,” he said, adding even the Chinese signalled slower growth was coming. But he also admitted he didn’t know what would come next. Read more about that along with Greg McKenna’s great BBQ stopper for those moaning about how we’ll all be rooned.

2. LinkedIn’s job hunt overhaul has been rolled out. A survey by the site found that successful job-seekers are 9 times more likely to research the current employees of companies they want to apply to. So now, when you pull up a job post, you’ll get that information right in front of you. As well as any connections you have at the company, and whether it hires people like you. If you can’t see it yet, don’t panic – it’s on its way.

3. Maybe you already have a job. If so, you’ll know that salary matters. And if you’re a woman starting out in a new job, you’ll probably, sadly, know that undervalued feeling. You need to end it, stat, because the middle and late stages of your career are when you hit peak earning power. So get negotiating and don’t make any of these 7 mistakes too many women make when it’s time to cash up.

4. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is live. For a select few celebs and lucky fans who got to an early screening in LA. Here’s what they thought and here’s a couple of tweets from the A-listers:

Disney bought the franchise for $US4 billion and J.J. Abrams can expect a decent gift from the company this Christmas. Goldman Sachs has revised its sales forecast from the first instalment alone at $US8 billion.

5. If you couldn’t give a stuff about Star Wars and are just happy to see the beginning of the end of all this muppet and swordsy kids’ stuff, you’ll enjoy this post by BI’s Tanza Loudenback, about how she’s saved enough time to read good books and watch proper movies by never going to see a single Star Wars movie, ever.

6. “Look, it’s Taylor Swift!” is what you might say if a) you know who Taylor Swift was and b) you saw 19-year-old Aussie Olivia Sturgiss:

A photo posted by Liv ? (@olivia_oblivious) on

She’s having a grand time pretending to be her mate Swifty, posting her lookalikes on Instagram and signing loads of autographs. And meeting Taylor Swift. Here’s what she plans to do with her pseudo-fame.

7. Also having a grand old time are those crazy Brits. They’ve got a spaceman up into space – Tim Peake – and because that’s such a novelty, their pollies have had to reel right back to David Bowie circa 1969 to find some decent relevant puns about it. Also fun – Twitter users posting their own version of PM David Cameron’s selfie of himself watching Peake blast off on the telly:

8. Holidays! They’re so close you can smell the sunburn. Our advice is to find somewhere with a good view and move as little as possible for a couple of weeks. And get through one or a couple of these best 20 fiction reads of 2015, selected by Goodreads.

9. But before holidays comes Christmas parties. And despite us warning you not to get too plastered and make a fool of yourself, many of you still are. And thanks for that. because otherwise we wouldn’t get to run these 16 stories of your Christmas party blunders.

10. There is no Nazi gold hidden in a ghost train, hidden in Poland. That’s according to Professor of Killjoy Janusz Madej at Krakow’s Academy of Mining, who claims a geological survey has turned up no sign of anything near the 65th kilometer of railway tracks from Wroclaw to Walbrzych. Treasure hunters Andreas Richter and Piotr Koper reckon ground-penetrating images of a “row of tanks” like this:

prove there is a Nazi ghost train. Richter told a press conference he wouldn’t be put off by the academy’s findings, and has just put new evidence in the hands of Polish authorities.

Have a great day.

BONUS ITEM: WHat it looks and feels like to be 200 years old.

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