10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Obama does a great Silent Treatment. Love. Picture: Getty Images

1. It’s very, very likely Donald Trump’s hair will be running against Hillary Clinton next year for the right to be Leader of the Free World. And he’s given BI chief Henry Blodget and politics editor Brett LoGiurato a lot of time for a very wide-ranging – and cracking – interview. If you’re looking for a great example of the straight-talking style that’s winning believers across America, there’s no finer one than this one right here.

To the markets.

2. US markets were lukewarm, but the two big IPOs – Square and Tinder-maker Match – had interesting, if not stellar, debuts. Square’s early investors look like they got a steal, even if it looks like its $6bn valuation last year has come in a couple of billion lower. The shares closed up about 45%, at $US13.07, after opening at $US11.20. Match priced its IPO at $US12 per share and it closed at $US14.74.

3. The SPI 200 is not giving any indication of life for the ASX today. The December contract is just 4 points higher this morning at 5260 after banks and miners had a little surge yesterday to push the physical market up 2.1%. There’s nothing of note out in Australia datawise, but China releases its leading index and the Bank of Japan drops its monthly survey. And there’s a couple of things to note about the fact the Aussie dollar just refuses to sink. One, it’s doing so at the same time copper, crude oil and iron ore are all crumbling. The other is that analysts at some big global institutions don’t believe a rate cut is coming soon from the RBA. It’s above 72 cents and if it makes 0.7240, Greg McKenna says watch out.

4. The other interview. At 27, Reggie Love was plucked from obscurity to be Barack Obama’s personal aide. Aka, his “chief of stuff”, aka “i Reggie”. Amongst his many tasks were playing basketball with the President, planning parties, carrying luggage, buying clothes and babysitting the Obama kids. Love left the White House in 2011 and this year, released a memoir. Today, we’ve got four shorts from it about the times Love made Obama angry by messing up his meals and forgetting his stuff. It’s fantastic.

5. Despair is:

Yes, that’s pre-chopped vegetables for people who are too time-poor to chop vegetables. And while that shot was taken in a New Zealand chain, as of last week, there’s 120 Foodland supermarkets in South Australia selling chopped vegetables, so it’s just a matter of time for the Big Two to get on the lazy train.

6. Here’s another time-saver – how to make people like you in 4 seconds or less.

7. Myles Udland from BI US knows ugly charts, so when he says the ugliest chart in the world just got uglier, you know it’s going to be… ugly. Caterpillar sells the other sort of “yellow metal” – bulldozers and diggers and stuff. Because of that, its sales are a pretty solid gauge on where the global economy is at. And, Udland reports, its sales “have now declined for 35 straight months, with October’s 16% decline coming in as the largest drop during this streak”. Look away now:

8. Wait, wait – there’s another interview you should read. Google’s Eric Schmidt chatted to Uber’s Travis Kalanick on a cruise. Schmidt and Kalanick – what could possibly go wrong? Here are five highlights, including the story about the Uber driver who put his wife in the trunk so he could do a pick-up! Ha ha!

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9. All the ways Microsoft blew it. You could look at this two ways – it’s either 10 instances in which Microsoft saw the future and passed on killer products such as smartphones, tablets and video messaging. Or it’s 10 examples of how brilliant the Redmond innovator actually is, but doesn’t know it.

10. Adele’s new album, her first in four years, is out today. But sorry, you won’t be listening to “25” on Spotify, Apple Music or any other streaming service. In fact, you might even have to buy a “compact disc”. Ugh. Here’s why.

BONUS ITEM: The Prime Minister of India wowed 60,000 people at London’s Wembley Stadium with this weird thing he can do with his watch:

Have a great weekend.

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