10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Picture: The Wallabies are flying. Picture: Getty Images

Good morning, and welcome to your week.

1. First, data. The big one is out today – Chinese 3rd quarter GDP. It could bring three weeks of rallies to a screaming halt, but at 1pm AEDT today we’ll see how close China gets to its official 7% growth rate. It’s a huge start to an otherwise quiet week and David Scutt has the preview you’ve been looking for right here. Australia gets the Westpac-Melbourne Institute leading indicator of economic growth on Wednesday – here’s all the key events.

2. Markets finished the week well in a sea of green across Europe and North America and Goldman Sachs is still calling for a Fed rate hike in December. So a positive open beckons here in Australia today with December SPI200 futures up 22 points in trade on Friday night, closing at 5,268, but again, let’s just wait for China first. The dollar is sitting at 0.7250 this morning with downside pressure.

3. The Ice Man cameth and booted the Wallabies into the semi-final of the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Bernard Foley had missed three from four for the game against Scotland when the Wallabies, trailing 32-34, managed to force a penalty with three minutes on the clock. Foley slotted it, and the Wallabies now face Argentina for a place in the final. Which is a pity, because dusting off Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland would have had a nice ring to it…

4. The leadership team has changed, but the budget woes remain. That’s the verdict from Deloitte Access Economics, who said treasurer Scott Morrison still has a huge challenge ahead of him, with government spending at recessionary levels and needing to introduce reforms, including to the tax system, which will enhance Australia‚Äôs growth.

5. Here’s another huge personnel change. Deutsche Bank just announced an overhaul to follow on from the appointment of John Cryan as co-CEO earlier this year, and it really is as dramatic as the headline says.

6. In Hong Kong, where competition is fierce for places at top universities, tutors are revered like celebrities. You’ll see their faces all over billboards and in TV ads in the city. Or in newspapers, where Modern Education placed an ad offering Lam Yat-yan $US11 million to leave rival school Beacon Group. Lam politely refused, saying his $US4.6 million wage at Beacon was quite enough, but there’s more here on why great tutors are pulling Hollywood earnings figures in Hong Kong.

7. The new Star Wars poster is out. It’s the third official tie-in with “The Force Awakens” if you count the simple logo version JJ Abrams teased light years ago. The movie’s out on December 18, but a new teaser trailer will drop tomorrow. (There’s even a teaser for the teaser out today.) But first, there’s a couple of clues in the new poster, and they’re all in this bit of it:

8. Don’t dump your old Android. For starters, you can use it to extend the wifi signal through your house. Or build a robot, help cure cancer, secure your home and save the rainforest. If you think we’re kidding, here’s how.

9. You can read this as 12 signs you’re better with your money than you realise or 12 ways you can get better with your money. Either way, it’s a helpful little cut-out-and-keep infographic.

10. There’s a new kind of notification that you never want to see on your Facebook feed. This:

And if you see it, here’s why you should take it seriously.

BONUS ITEM: The Change.org petition to have Australian dollars renamed “Dollarydoos” is coming on strong. You know it makes sense:

Picture: 20th Century Fox

Have a great day.

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