10 Things You Need To Know This Morning In Australia

Daniel Ricciardo, disqualified after finishing 2nd in the Melbourne GP.

Good morning and welcome to Monday. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. The Liberals won a comprehensive victory in Tasmania’s state election at the weekend, but South Australia is heading for a hung parliament despite the Libs winning 53% of the popular vote. Tony Abbott has said SA voters would feel cheated if Labor was returned to power with the help of independents. The Libs’ clearly had a problem with their ground game, failing to secure marginal seats that should have been there for the taking. Meanwhile Clive Palmer, whose party’s vote whiffed in Tasmania when he expected it would hold the balance of power, thinks someone was switching ballot boxes. People give Tassie a hard time, but Zimbabwe it ain’t.
  2. Australian F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo was dramatically stripped of his 2nd place finish in the Melbourne Grand Prix last night, five hours after being the first Aussie to step onto the podium at Albert Park. Race stewards say his Red Bull team failed to comply with the new 100kg fuel restrictions. The team will appeal but what a massive buzzkill that must have been for Ricciardo.
  3. The key development in the search for Malaysian Airlines flight 370 is that officials believe that whatever happened was a result of someone taking control of the aircraft, and the indications are it was at least flown for a period in a direction other than its intended flight path. Officials won’t use the word hijacking yet, but one scenario that’s being discussed with increasing credence is that the plane actually landed somewhere. Here’s a map showing all of the airports it could have potentially reached – it’s a vast region.
  4. The Commonwealth Bank is launching an analytics app that will help small and medium-sized businesses track cash flows and customer data.
  5. Here’s what it’s like on the inside of Facebook’s Australian offices.
  6. It’s a relatively quiet week ahead on the economic front: there’s the RBA board minutes tomorrow and the RBA’s bulletin on Thursday. The big event of the week is the US FOMC meeting on Thursday with a likely further reduction in the Fed’s bond-buying program.
  7. Apple has reportedly shelved plans for a 12-inch iPad as it weighs up the success of the iPad Mini and focuses on other product releases including the iPhone 6 this year.
  8. Bill Gates has done an interview with Rolling Stone which is worth getting to at some point this week; among other things, he discusses religion and Edward Snowden.
  9. Russia is claiming 93% approval in a referendum held yesterday in Crimea on whether to secede from Ukraine; the EU and the US are calling the vote illegal and say it will not be recognised. Reuters reports this morning that pro-Russian demonstrators have been breaking into buildings and burning Ukrainian-language books in eastern Ukraine.
  10. The big talking point out of the weekend’s footy action is Buddy Franklin’s underwhelming performance for the Sydney Swans in their 32-point defeat to rank outsiders the GWS Giants.

Have a great day. I’m on Twitter: @colgo

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