10 Things You Need To Know This Morning In Australia

Good morning and welcome to your week.

Let’s start with the big weekend:

1. The G20 is over. Not surprisingly, it was too big a weekend to fit into a 10-point post, so we’ll cheat a little. Here’s all you need to know from a scorching weekend in Brisbane:

Now, back to reality.

2. It’s a huge day in Asia, where the on switch between the Shanghai and Hong Kong exchanges is about to be flicked. Expectations are that this is a net positive to Shanghai. In the end, Shanghai finished down 0.27% but on the week it was up 2.52% at 2,479. Stocks in Hong Kong and Tokyo were also up on the week by more than 2% and 3% respectively.

3. The Aussie traded down to trendline support at 0.8650 before bouncing to 0.8765 this morning. Euro sits at 1.2533 and sterling is at 1.5686. USDJPY however continues to grind higher and sits at 116.51.

4. Your week in data starts with a bang. Chinese President Xi Jinping addresses Australia’s Parliament today, where the Australia-China Free Trade Agreement is widely expected to be signed. But there’s not much else going on, with the highlight being Wednesday night’s release of the FOMC minutes. Here’s Westpac’s excellent diary of all the events and data releases that matter.

5. Michael Clarke is out for the whole summer of Tests. The Australian captain suffered his third hamstring injury in 12 weeks and it looks like he’ll go under the knife to try and get in shape for the ODI World Cup in February and Ashes tour mid-2015. Brad Haddin will be named Australia’s 45th captain for First Test in Brisbane on December 4 – if he’s fit. If not, Cricket Australia faces an interesting test of its own – will they roll the dice on George Bailey’s batting skills once more after his miserable Ashes series in 2013-14?

6. Real estate agents are using drones to scope private properties for potential sales. It’s awful, but sadly, somehow above board. But if they’re going to invade our privacy, at least give us some dignity, which is exactly what Melbourne woman Mandy Lingard didn’t get while sunbathing topless in her own backyard. She found out when the property next door was listed and the advertising board went up out front for all to see – along with Lingard’s private moment, to the horror of her son.

7. Netflix preps its Aussie launch. It’s taking forever for the US streaming meia giant to admit we exist, but there’s news this week that it’s reportedly meeting with local media companies about possible advertising schedules. Dedicated streaming fans know a simple geoblock app such as Hola will give them all the access they need to overseas services, but having a foot on the ground in Australia for Netflix just makes it all… nice. And they might be feeling a bit more pressured with Nine Entertainment and Fairfax Media announcing a $100 million joint venture for a service called Stan and Foxtel launching Presto.

8. What Google knows about you. It’s a deal with the devil, this being so reliant on Google biz. No one can argue the search giant pretty much makes your web experience virtually painless, with Gmail, Maps, YouTube etc etc. But the reality is, it can only do so by wooing advertisers and to woo advertisers, Google needs to know every move you make. And if you want to know exactly how much it does know, here’s a quick way to find out. (Protip – you might not want to know.)

9. The V-word. Researchers have given the all-clear to parents who want to vaccinate their kids against the flu, from as young as six months. The National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance watched 893 eligible children aged 6 months to 10 years and found no cause for concern, but added that regular monitoring is needed.

10. The most crowdfunded project ever is a space exploration game called Star Citizen. The Windows/Linux game in development for a 2016 release sounds like every sci-fi gamers’ dream, a sandbox universe in which you can live a second life as a space pirate, smuggler, bounty hunter, merchant – anything you like. Basically, it World of Warcraft, in space and after shifting from Kickstarter to its own funding model, gamers have tipped in an astonishing $60 million to make it happen. See what’s getting them all so hot under the collar.

BONUS ITEM: When you’re fishing in Norway and six humpback whales breach at once. Try not to jump out of your skin at the 1.04 mark.

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