10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

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Good morning! Time to Friday.

1. LET’S MAKE A DEAL. Officials from the US and China are working to hash out a deal to end Trump’s trade war as a critical tariff deadline nears. The two sides remain far apart on the US’s demands for fundamental changes to the Chinese economic mode.

2. It all may be in vain if it’s peace you’re after, with reports that US Navy leaders want to go on the offensive against China, focusing on the ability to strike first and fast with new weapons, and US F-22 and F-35 stealth fighters and B-2 stealth bombers have been training in the Pacific for a high-end fight. We look forward to the various arms of the US government getting on the same page.

3. Theresa May has suffered a new Brexit defeat after Conservative MPs abandoned their support for her plan B. So… what now?

4. The Aussie dollar will tumble again this year, according to one currency strategist at HSBC. Last year, the Australian dollar slumped nearly 10% against the greenback and Tom Nash thinks a similar fate awaits the Aussie dollar this year. In his view, the AUD/USD will slide to 66 cents as we enter 2020. This morning, the Aussie was up 0.17% to 0.7100.

Investing.comAUD/USD Hourly Chart

5. Introducing “JPM Coin”. JPMorgan will be the first major US bank to launch its own cryptocurrency. The bank said the coin is intended to “make instantaneous payments using blockchain technology.”

6. Facebook has caught yet another covert political influence campaign — this time in Moldova. The social network found a network of fake accounts, linked to the Moldovan government, that were trying to influence political debate and social issues in the country ahead of upcoming elections. It comes as cyber warfare continues to infiltrate political systems around the world. Last week, Australia’s Federal Parliament’s computer network has been hacked, forcing Speaker of the House of Representatives MP Tony Smith and President of the Senate MP Scott Ryan to address whether it was an attempt to influence the upcoming federal election.

7. Are you thinking about, or have you already made the move to a startup from a corporate role? If so, you need to read this guest post for BI by Guy Kawasaki, the former chief evangelist at Apple, who is now doing the same job for Australian startup darling Canva. He specifically talks about mindset and how you’re going to need to shift the way you think, and work, in order to be successful in startup land, or in his words, “dent the universe”.

8. Perhaps you’re simply chatting to some recruiters to see what else is out there. While it’s the hiring manager’s job to sell you on their company, it’s your job to cut through their BS. So try asking for a story about something that happened at their organisation that wouldn’t happen anywhere else. Wharton organisational psychologist Adam Grant says the insight you get from asking this question may surprise you.

9. Or maybe, you’re thinking about taking a break from work altogether. Then meet: The Scarlet Lady, Virgin’s first adults-only cruise ship which is sailing to the Caribbean in 2020. With free dining in nine different restaurants, a spa, a rooftop bar, and even a tattoo parlour, it could be just what you need. Oh, and did we mention 93% of suites will have an ocean view?

10. And a cruise might be the perfect way to travel after watching this:

The video shows chaos on Delta flight that made an emergency landing after “crazy turbulence” as an “atmospheric river” storm batters the western US. Yeah, nah.

BONUS ITEM: Formula 1 world championship Lewis Hamilton just took his new Mercedes F1 car for its first spin, and his reaction says it all.

Have a great weekend. Catch you on Monday.

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